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I'll Give You The Sun (2014)

I'll Give You the Sun (2014)

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About book I'll Give You The Sun (2014)

This book left me speechless. I've never read prose like this, never been so very struck by the beauty of words before. I've never wanted so badly to shove a book into the hands of everyone I meet, but I want everyone--friends, family, coworkers, the cashier at the grocery store, the plumber--to read I'll Give You the Sun. Absolutely phenomenal in every way. My new favorite book--and I don't say that lightly. I really didn't think I was going to like this. It took me ages to get past the first few pages, and I was struggling with the viewpoint and the overly metaphorical language. Then I had a four hour car journey and nothing better to do, so I sat and read almost the whole lot in one sitting.It's definitely the way to do it. After a while, I got accustomed to the language and the character points of view - each is very unique and particular to their character, which is excellent writing, but because of the quirks of the characters a little tricky to acclimatise to at first - and really started to get sucked in to the story.Nelson explores the ups and downs of teenage life, emotions and love in a really artistic and imaginative way. So much so that the book has been designed so the words literally explode off the page in places. It's a joy to look at, as it's been really well designed to echo the creative impulses of the characters without detracting from the readability of the text.And the viewpoints that I struggled with became such a huge part of the characters and their particular hangups and world views. It really did feel like existing inside their minds for the pages that were dedicated to them - cleverly showing their character without having to beat you over the head with exposition: Noah is artistic, Jude is paranoid etc. etc.And the way the story all came together was lovely and moving and didn't feel too coincidental or authorial, which was great. I can't really say too much more than that (when trying to describe what this book was about to the Boyfriend, I managed to talk myself in circles and make it sound really dull) you just have to read it. It won't be for everyone - it very nearly wasn't for me - but if you like it, I think it very likely you'll absolutely love it.

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I've never really enjoyed romance novels, but I gave this one a glad I did. This book took universal themes and put a gorgeous, unique spin on them that wasn't too quirky or unrealistic. Freaking loved it.

Just too out there for me. Overly wordy, which other may love.

holy. fuck. i wish i wrote this book.

Love the imagery in the language!

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