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Silver Girl (2011)

Silver Girl (2011)

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031609966X (ISBN13: 9780316099660)
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I'd say 3.5 stars actually. I let it be 4 stars based on the home girl aspect - the protagonists grew up on the Main Line and there were a lot of fun references to the area. But the main character of Meredith was pretty unsympathetic and cartoonish IMHO. She's portrayed as very intelligent (Princeton!) but is completely dependent on having a man to protect her at all times. Hello. Grow up, snap out of it. Her father deeply loved her and died when she was 19 and so she basically bounced to the fake Freddy to replace the adoration missing from her dead father. Blind faith for 30 years and she never realized what he was up to. Hard to believe. Then she jumps back to childhood bf. ugh. I like to read about strong women. She was so weak. But I liked the Connie story and the friendship (that Meredith pretty much tossed aside). After meeting Elin Hilderbrand and listening to her review some of her books, I was interested to read Silver Girl which was motivated by newpaper articles about Ruth Madoff...unfortunately as I went through the book, I kept wondering how much was based on fact and how much was fiction...well alot was based on fiction...still interesting..good beach read...but if you really want to find out about the Madoff clan, this is not the book for you.

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Quick beach read, I liked the way the story ended. Somewhat predictable plot.

Ok for a summer beach read.

Fun summer read!

3.5 stars

3.5 stars

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