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Shadow Kiss (2008)

Shadow Kiss (2008)

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1595141979 (ISBN13: 9781595141972)

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NOPE. NOPITY-NOPE. THE HARDEST NOPE I'VE EVER NOPED.I spoiled myself watching a video on YouTube but still...NOBODY PREPARED ME FOR THIS BOOK. More to come, right now I need to cry myself to sleep.Edit:The book was fantastic. It hurt in the right places. I feel quite bad because I had lots of prejudices against this series, but these books have been quite the surprise. I still think that Rose is a little bit too Mary Sue but she has one of the best character developments I've seen in a while.I'm not going to comment on the ending, because I still haven't processed it. AND THE WORST THING IS THAT I DON'T HAVE THE THREE REMAINING BOOKS SO I CAN MARATHON MY WAY THROUGH THEM. I read Frostbite and this book back to back. Literally. In one sitting.That being said, I think I liked the direction of Frostbite much more than this book. Most of this book was just meh. Adrian rankles me, and the fact that Lissa and Rose are best friends but she didn't tell the Princess about her love for Dimitri is not very best-friend-like behavior. Sure, I know she was still trying to get over watching Mason die, and she went to what, two therapy sessions? Come on. The whole idea of Dimitri becoming Striogi seems contrived and it annoyed me. Also, I hated that Rose quit school just as she was beginning to learn what it meant to be a responsible guardian, and um, AN ADULT? If she really learned anything from him about being a strong guardian, she would have stayed with Lissa and gone after Dimitri afterwards, maybe with some help from her BEST FRIEND and her boyfriend Christian and Mia and Eddie?I'm not in a hurry to read the next book, especially after reading a few reviews.

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wow just wow. love the series. finished the book in two days.can't wait to read the next

Richelle Mead is fabulous. The second time reading it and I still love the wit of Rose!

Im out to kill the man I love


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