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Blood Promise (2009)

Blood Promise (2009)

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1595141987 (ISBN13: 9781595141989)
Penguin Razorbill

About book Blood Promise (2009)

Debating whether to sleep now or get the Fifth book. Of course I knew that Dimitri wasn't going to be dead. My only hope in the next book is that she does change him back. Which will probably happen as these books are sometimes predictable. But then again, I didn't realize Avery was a spirit user and that Dimitri was still partly sane and wanted to turn her Strigoi so they could rule together. But my deeply romantic side just wants them to be together. Somehow. Living, Strigoi, or Romeo/Juliet; I don't care. But Adrian is cool too. Ugh. Books. I kind really like the series so far but this is no good compare to the previous ones. I like to think writters make the effort to make their books as flawless as possible, but this is hardly it. The part of Dimitri's family and Sidney was good but it took a little too much espace maybe? And the flashbacks to the past of Dimitri and her.. well.. i though it was a lame resource to built the romance. We already know the couple and their love, we already love Dimitri.. I know Mead tries to make a summary each book and whatever but she took it to far. Worse part? Rose going to Lisa's mind through the bond. I mean it felt like each time she went the other were just talking the same thing, the times sometimes didn't match I mean she went to her mind then she return and 3 days later or something, Lisa was on the same spot. She could see what had happen to Lissa before.. It was messy. And it made the fight in the end a little to complicatedBest part? Well the part with Dimitri was great it was intense. She became a blood whore and we could really see the consequences of it. I was a heartbroken by the way he was treating her but he still threat her different from everyone else. It was confusing but in a thrilling way. I really dont know was going to happen with Adrian though they had seem to make an interesting connection and this book we kind of start to imagine a future. But she is going to try to bring Dimitri back? Is going to be dramatic.2 stars because after my love for shadow kiss this was just.. a fall out

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I love it!!!!!! Richelle Mead needs to make movies!!!1

Richelle Mead is excellent at writing plot twists that are crazy but not too outlandish

Wow. These books get better and better. This series is exactly what I need right now.

I wish i didn't dislike Dimitri so much

I love it!!!!!!!!!

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