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Last Sacrifice (2010)

Last Sacrifice (2010)

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1595143068 (ISBN13: 9781595143068)

About book Last Sacrifice (2010)

Forever in action and never missing a beat to win the readers' heart. Every part of this novel holds non-stop action and really encourages the readers to keep going on because of the mysteries and secrets hidden behind what Rose discovers in her journey to find Lisa's lost sister. Action, romance, thriller all packed into one fine novel. After all the sacrifices Rose makes for Lisa, she can finally live her own happy life. I'm really happy with how this series ended. even though I've always been team Adrian, I'm not really upset with the ending. rose and Dimitri was always endgame, although I definitely think she treated Adrian like shit. but that's the nice thing about rose as a heroine, she's not perfect and she knows it. I'm definitely going to give the spinoff series a try. there's a lot of loose ends still left in the vampire academy world I'd like to see resolved. I will absolutely miss rose. not so much Lissa because she was kind of annoying. and Adrian.... I hope we see him again. Hes too much of a well loved character to just disappear into spirit insanity. I guess I'll find out!

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you will fall in love with these addicting books and characters you cant help but love and root fo

I'm now depressed this AMAZING series is over *throws self on ground and sobs* D':

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