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Sentence 13 (2000)

Sentence 13 (2000)

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I was blown away by how into this book I got. I couldn't put in down. I thought it was going to be like every other werewolf book out there. But. it really wasn't. The characters are very entertaining and lead was awesome. I loved her. And the fact she works with horses just made her better to me. The lead guy was really funny. I love when a story has important stuff but still has you laughing with the characters. I couldn't put this book down and read it in one night. There was a lot of twists and turns that you couldn't predict too. I really liked that. If you love werewolves then you will love this series.:) There is a girl named Jessie who attends Junction High School. She has been through a tough time the past few years because her mother was killed in a car accident by her "bestfriend" Sarah. One day she is editing the school newspaper, and she gets called down to the office. She was told to show a new student named: Pietr Ruskova around Junction. Jessie is the only girl in school who doesn't like Pietr because she has been "in love" a jock named Derek. Over time Pietr starts to grow on her, and they gain feelings for each other. They secretly hang out behind his girlfriend’s back, and they keep their feelings between each other. Eventually in the book Pietr reveals to Jessie that he is a werewolf. On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best book I would rate this book a 1.5. This was not a good book because by the second page you already figure out how the story ends, which made the story dull and boring. I am not a fan of this book because it is your typical love story, the book was easy to figure out, and it involved werewolves.When Pietr admits to Jessie that he is a werewolf, she doesn't believe him! If someone told me that they were a werewolf I would leave as soon as possible! I don't understand how naive can one person be. Throughout the long process of reading this book, Jessie's ignorance grew very frustrating for me because there is no way anyone could be this naive and slow.The way this book was written reminds me of high school, Twilight, and Romeo and Juliet mixed together. Jessie knows she shouldn't be with Pietr because her "best friend" is dating him now, but Pietr and Jessie get intimate when Sarah is not around. She is in a dilemma about whether she should be with Pietr or Derek, and there is a lot of drama that occurs in between the important details so it's hard to keep up. JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL. Once Jessie found out that Derek was playing her, she told Sarah: "I'm just a stupid girl, with a stupid heart." There were only a few parts in this book that actually kept me interested. Jessie's role in this book is naive and dumb, but she was very strong willed.If you enjoy drama filled romance novels with a few twists, then I highly recommend you read this book. Throughout the story the author uses great figurative language, and puts you in the mindset of Jessie's emotions and how she thinks. For example, the author told the readers that these two cheerleaders were picking on Jessie, so she beat them up in order to get her things back from them. (quote). The story leaves you wondering what will happen with Jessie and Pietr throughout the rest of the series. Although most of the novel was easy to figure out, I did still have some questions in mind like: "Will Pietr break up with Sarah to be with Jessie?" , "Is Pietr going to live?" , and "What in the world does the ending of this book mean?".In conclusion, 13 to Life was not a good book from my point of view because the storyline was boring and easy to guess, Jessie was a very naive and dumb. This book was not very original, hence the reason why I didn’t really enjoy reading this book. There could have been more twists into this story to make the plot more intriguing for the readers, but there were some parts that were kind of interesting. I am still debating on whether or not I should read the whole series because the plot of the whole series might be better than just this one book.

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