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Segunda Tumba A La Izquierda (2011)

Segunda tumba a la izquierda (2011)

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About book Segunda Tumba A La Izquierda (2011)

I am unduly aggravated by the ending, really... Charley you selfish bitch! I would rant further and reveal spoilers but I just can't be bothered.. No, but seriously couldn't she just stop and really ponder the consequences of her action at the end.. I thought she was supposed to just simply know the rules of the universe, extensive judgment on what is wrong and right for the earth and its dwellers.. Supposedly being pro-life and in love justified her blind illogical action? Well NO Charley I think you fucked up! However, bitching aside.. I am still addicted to the series, beside her being an egoist, Charley's brazen attitude had me entertained enough to continue reading. I have to admit, I was anticipating impatiently for the occasional appearance of the delicious Reyes. I was looking forward to more incorporeal sexytime (and there's gonna be none of that anymore, damn it Charley!! ). If Charley keeps on being clueless and irresponsible, I'm not sure if her amusing playfulness could even attract me to read on with the series. Ok, so on to the third book.. HAHA I thoroughly enjoyed book one in this series and gave it high marks, due to its originality and sense of fun. The reason for the "it was OK" rating for the second book is that it was starting to bore me. Reyes turns up all hot to trot and turns Charley's bones to jelly, she won't let him near her until he tells her where his body is, Reyes gets mad and leaves. Repeat that ad nauseam and that is about the extent of what we see about their relationship. The jokes about coffee, Charley's boobs, and her klutziness are already, to me, starting to get old, and there are 4 more books in the series? Not for me, I guess. There was some minor character development in her relationship with family members, but Cookie still doesn't feel like a real person. There was a plot in this book somewhere, amidst all the snarky jokes, but you have to look pretty hard to find it.

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De la bonne littérature de gare. Dans la veine du premier, un poil moins cliché.

Really enjoying this fun series and the narration by Lorelei King is fantastic.

Loved this book! Can't wait to read them all!

Just as good and quirky as the first one

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