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Secrets Of The Demon (2011)

Secrets of the Demon (2011)

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I'm really liking these books. I've read the first 3 in just a few days and I can't wait to read the rest of them soon. I like that Kara finally has some friends. I don't like that they are all hiding things from her but a lot of that got answered in this book. I'm still not sure what Rhyzkahl wants. I like him...but then I remember what he has done and I want to not like him. I go back and forth on it. I had an idea of whats going on with Ryan and my first part was revealed to be correct. Still waiting to see if I got the reason for it correct. I love mysteries. Also her aunt Tessa would piss me off. Speak plainly. 2.5It started off great and exciting with Kara on a under cover job with Ryan and Z and a demon she had summoned for back up. Then there's a whole lot of boring policy procedural stuff. Murders by a possible golem, suspect interviews, autopsies, crime scenes. I really don't buy that all these arcane related murders happen to take place in Kara's little town in Louisiana. There's just not enough supernatural stuff going on. Not enough demon summoning and Kara doesn't have any special powers except for summoning. I DO like the fact that she is screwing Rhyzkal's brains out every time she summons him and not letting Ryan's ambiguous shows of affection/friendship/anger deter her. I hate their childish interactions. Both have feelings and don't tell. Ryan keeps her firmly in the friend category but shows jealousy about her and Rhyz. Ugh. They had a fight where I thought things would come out but nope.I also don't like how at the end it seems to pick up with the bad guys confessing, clues finally coming together. It's like all the CSI type shows and I hate those. It's the end of book 3 and I'm tired of being teased about who and what Ryan and Z really are. We get some hints, but it juet raises more questions. The thing is, I want to know, but if I don't know if I will read anymore. I like these, but im not in love like with Rowland's Zombie Apocalypse series. Sigh

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J'adore définitivement cette série!! Je commence la suite au plus plus vite je veux savoir!!!!

ah, this was my favorite so far in the series! so many twists and turns and revelations =O

I had a feeling I knew who Ryan was but the ending just took me by surprise.

This book series just keeps sucking me in!! I love this series!

I totally had Ryan pegged a whole book ago.

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