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Seasons Of Her Life (1994)

Seasons of Her Life (1994)

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Seasons of Her Life by Fern MichaelsRuby grows up and lives with her mother and sister and abusive father. After high school the grandmother gives her a ring and she treasures it because of all the stories it holds. Her grandparents truly loved her and appreciated her visits and chores she'd do for them.She heads to DC to live with her sister Amber and is able to get a job with a captain and is given an advance of money so she can buy clothes for the job.Love the explanation of the seasons of ones life-it all makes sense! Ruby starts dating Calvin and he takes her to church. Their romance starts out slow as this is her first boyfriend.She has many situations where there is abuse, friends of hers and the military send them to different places.Ruby stays in touch with her sisters and she gets revenge on her father and mother. She has money and houses of her own...Book then we find her married to an abusive husband and two children...Love how her idea of making cookies pays off for them, money is always short til her finances are settled.I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

I am not sure if I should really review this book as I am not completely finished-2/3 of the book read and I am debating whether to read to the end, although I am usually a stickler for finishing books. I have read a lot of Fern Michaels and love her, but this book displays her weaknesses as a writer. A lot happens and much of it is interesting but the characters seem like cardboard cutouts. Ruby Blue always lands on her feet but is never happy. The lover she pines for throughout the book seemed

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Just didn't care much for the writing in this book. The beginning was good but went downhill after the first 50 pages or so. It was long and parts just didn't seem to make sense as far as the characters went. None of the characters were truly like able including Ruby. Hated the abrupt ending.
—Jobeth Ladd

Springtime of her life: How a young girl survived a dysfunctional family when she was growing up.Summer of her life: The marriage for convenience and the military life that followed.Fall of her life: Discovered that she could make it on her own. Started new business. Helped long time friend. Made much money. Still not a complete person.Winter: Realized that he biggest downfall and part of the reason for her unhappiness was her lack of acceptance of other people for who and what they are. Always second guessing everyone she always felt that seh knew best for EVERYONE around her.

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