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Wish List (2002)

Wish List (2002)

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Ok here were my comments as i went along:06/01 - "Just started the book, so i'm not sure whether this is significant, but what sort of deadly disease did Aggie/Ariel think she had with symptoms like a face full of pimples?!?!?! I really don't get it..." 06/01 - "Trucking company?!?!?!?! Is this a joke?!!? Why would a Hollywood actress do THAT?!!?!? What moron manager would do this?!" 06/05 - "What is it with these books and portraying people as allowing dogs to dictate their lives?! Ariel can't go on a date because of the dog, can't have sex because of the dog...> would anyone let a dog control their life?! Demented..." 06/05 - "They are getting Hollywood actors to pick avocado and drive trucks ?!?!?! Really ?!?!" 06/06 - "She gets attacked by the "evil" rancher, in the middle of the avocado picking and noone does anything to help her - they all just watch while she attempts to "kick his a*s" !??! Her boyfriend just stands by as she gets punched in the face?! Then, when she does "defeat him" someone yells "CUT" ?!?!?!?! Were they making a movie?! What the hell?! And then noone explains what happened to this guy, or what happened to Marino... For Marino, they just say that he "moved back to New York" or something....why?!?! How convenient..."06/06 - "She invites the dog into their bed right after they had sex!? Gross..." It started of very interesting, but then got sillier and sillier as the book progressed. Finally, it was very weird how they glossed over Ariel and Lex discovering who they were > the whole book was about this and then they just skimmed over the resolution?!!? You'd think they would make a little bit of a bigger deal than "ohh so that was you?! great, now we can be together 35 years later, no problem" ?!?! Anti-climactic... Also - she couldn't even get married properly because her dog was having pups > priest married them in the room where vet was delivering , as she ripped, soiled, and ruined her dress helping deliver puppies... WHY was this necessary?!?!!?? Is this author dog obsessed?!

This review is only for "I will."It was amazing feeling the scorching heat between the characters in this tiny story. If I was rating only on the smut, I probably would have given this a 4 star. But there were two things that I did had issues with: the hero was far more immature than Lisa's usual heroes. Given time he probably would have grown into one Lisa's hot alpha males we all love to read about but he isn't quite there yet in this story. And going with this nuance is the imbalance of power in the H and h's relationship where the h is the stronger character.Bottom line: I would have appreciated if the story was fuller with more character growth.

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