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Vendetta (2006)

Vendetta (2006)

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Third in the Sisterhood suspense series which is focused on righting the wrongs done each of the seven women.The StoryIt's Myra's turn for justice and Charles and the Sisterhood plot to kidnap John Chai, the diplomat's playboy son who ran Barbara down, from Hong Kong. The ladies aren't into killing anyone and, I must say, they do find a particularly nasty way of punishing Mr. Chai that is very much in keeping with his vanity and his and his father's viewpoints.The CharactersI like the ladies for the most part. Charles is amazing…I want him cooking in my kitchen! But Michaels keeps slipping shoddy writing in that makes them too stupid for words. There are times I just want to smack Myra for being such a doddering old woman! The worst of it is that Michaels could write them so much better instead of slacking through their actions/speech.Julia Webster is doing much better on her experimental HIV treatment in Switzerland.Jack Emery has quit his district attorney job and Mark Lane has quit his FBI job and together they've opened up their own business, the Justice Agency. Jack is intent on proving that Nikki and her friends are up to no good and has posted spies up in the trees at Myra's farmhouse. My TakeI love the concept of Michaels' story and that justice can be possible. I don't love Michaels' writing. Her treatment of her characters' actions and reactions is so juvenile—I have to wonder what her editor is thinking! Sometimes the ladies come across as a troupe of children. Sometimes I wonder where their wits have gone wandering. And other times, they actually come across as adults. At all times, I never doubt how much they care about each other. I suspect it's this friendship and the homey settings that Michaels crafts that are part of what pulls me in—besides the satisfaction I get from their brand of justice!One of Myra's temper tantrums:"…to think I would be content to sit here on…on…my ass while you all do my dirty work is unthinkable. Do not make me angry, Charles. I'm not a nice person when I'm angry. Did you hear me? I'm going and that's final. Girls, tell him I'm going!"Charles' response is to remind her that she must stay at the farm to keep Jack Emery off-balance. So, naturally, Myra takes off for almost a week to help Kathryn deliver Christmas trees. Leaving the farm wide open to all sorts of mischief on Jack's part. Nor has she considered that no one will be able to contact her while she's on the road. Stupid. Selfish. And childish.When they're about to arrive at Mr. Li's home outside Hong Kong, Nikki is wondering if she'll only be able to get tea after their flight. What? She grew up in Washington D.C. virtually as a daughter to Myra who has friends in very high places and has never absorbed anything about the world??? Just how insular is Nikki?Then there's the scene where they encounter Chai and their disgustingly immature and obnoxious behavior. Sure, I realize the idea is to piss off or intrigue Chai into making himself vulnerable for the kidnapping, but, c'mon… I was embarrassed just reading it. Nikki, Alexis, and Yoko acted more like drunken, stuck-up, snotty, stupid college girls with a huge sense of entitlement.I realize that exaggeration tends to make for more interesting reading, but, there is a line. One scene in particular was when the three girls come bouncing and somersaulting into the room in their slut clothes…yes, I'm serious, somersaulting like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders…to finish setting the scene for Chai's incapacitation.The entire scene where the girls confront Chai is so lame. You'd think that Myra/Michaels would have come up with something better than unprepared children with schoolyard taunts. Exaggerations on the most juvenile levels…jeezus… As for Chai's punishment. Yeah, I think it was very appropriate but still. It was so brutal that I cannot imagine that the ladies could get past it so easily. Just not believable.OK, then there's the break-out scene…here's Charles, the supposedly super spy who lets the bad guy get the drop on him??? In this situation? Give me a break...The CoverThe cover continues the theme of the previous covers in this series with its peacefulness. This one a gorgeous maple blazing in its orange glory behind a white picket fence. I haven't a clue how the title, Vendetta, fits this story. "Vengeance" would have been so much more appropriate.

When I first starting reading this book, I thought it was a cheesy story but as I kept reading I realized that this was part of a series of books. The premise behind the books is a group of women called the Sisterhood that spend their time putting together very elaborate ways of seeking revenge on the people who have done wrong by them or ruined their lives in some way.This particular book was about seeking revenge for Myra (whose name was chosen next from a shoebox). Myra's daughter Barbara and her unborn child were killed by a hit and run driver with diplomatic immunity. Myra is the heiress to a candy fortune and loaded with enough money to fund these elaborate excursions and her live-in bf Charles is an ex-spy for the Queen of England and has maintained a ton of contacts that allow them seek the ultimate revenge without being caught and being able to provide them with airtight alibis.They seek their revenge without killing their victims. I like the premise behind the books since i would like to see certain people be able to seek revenge for terrible things that have been done to them. I can't wait to read some of the other books in this series to hear the other womens' stories and how they sought their revenge.

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After reading this book it just reaffirmed that I am not a big vigilante type person. Outside of the fictional world I believe that justice will be served. This series deals with 7 different ladies each who have had something horrible happen in their lives and in each book they seek retaliation. There is profanity in each book but no love story other than between Charles and Myra the 60+ year old couple. Book 2 the vengeance didn't seem so extreme but caneing and what they did in book 1 is just

THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYThird in the Sisterhood suspense series which is focused on righting the wrongs done each of the seven women.The StoryIt's Myra's turn for justice and Charles and the Sisterhood plot to kidnap John Chai, the diplomat's playboy son who ran Barbara down, from Hong Kong. The ladies aren't into killing anyone and, I m

Was not a bad book; Once I found out what the story line was I really wanted to find out what was going to happen next. It is about a mother seeking revenge for the death of her daughter and unborn grandchild. The Sisterhood is seven women with different background; Myra-has money; Nikki-legal abilities; Kathryn- eighteen wheeler; Alexis-red bag of tricks; Julia-surgical skills; Isabelle-architectural expertise and Yoko-Eastern philosophies. You can't leave out Murphy who is Kathryn's dog. Also, there's Charles, who is Myra's love; he has the military expertise. It is about the plans that they have made to get Myra's daughter killer back to the States and how they are going to deal with Nikki's ex-fiance.

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