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Ruby Red (2011)

Ruby Red (2011)

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0805092528 (ISBN13: 9780805092523)
Henry Holt

About book Ruby Red (2011)

That's not enough!!THAT'S NOT ENOUGH !I want more,please give me more * hyperventilating* Brilliant,absolutely brilliant!! It isn't very weird that while reading Ruby Red I felt dizzy and actually hoped I would elapse,is it?!?! Mystery,time-travel,romance,witty lines,sarcasm,adventure,secrets,all of them dressed in fine gowns!!Did I mention the ridiculously-hot-adorable-arrogant male character?!(Oh my Gideon! ❤)Loved it!! Read this a couple of days ago and after that, its sequel almost immediately. I liked it, if not loved it, mostly because Gwen is constantly fretting over whether Gideon truly likes her or not where she should have been worried about her new power/gene/destiny that quite caught her unawares. It was cute in the first book, tolerable in the second. Now that Im reading the third, I guess Im just used to it. Apart from that, the plot moves along quite well all through the three books and the scene setting along with details about time travelling are very believable. Looking forward to finishing the last book now.I really hope Gideon confesses truly and properly by the ending of the last book, if not for Gwen then out of compassion for my poor nerves.

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The author's style is very unique, but i felt like it was moving too slow.

very creative and interesting. Excited to read the next two.


It was amazing!

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