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Ride A Pale Horse (1985)

Ride a Pale Horse (1985)

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The author’s final work, the only one with a heroine, happens to be my favorite. A respected journalist is invited to a Soviet propaganda conference. Not her cup of tea, but she learns that she may have access to a very special interview. However, she, instead, is approached by a high-level KGB officer, who wants her help in defecting to the US. She is then plunged into the world of espionage and danger. Things snowball into another dangerous assignment, a possible attempt on her life. Is it the Russians trying to stop her from helping the defector? Or is something else going on? Enter Peter Briscoe of the CIA who is charged with finding the mole within his organization and with protecting the reporter with whom he falls in love with. As in other works by McInnes, there are twists and turns in the story. It is fast-paced with suspense. The heroine fits McInnes. Too bad she had only one book of the sort.

I just read this book again recently. My Mom introduced me to this author when I was a teenager and every once in awhile I love to revisit her books. Ride a Pale Horse is one of my favorites and unfortunately, the author's last novel before she died. She writes espionage thrillers, mostly WW2 settings but a few of her books are placed during the Cold War. Her husband was an actual MI6 British intelligence agent so she definitely has some solid experience and knowledge that she includes in her writing. I found it interesting that one of her books was actually considered REQUIRED reading by agents that were being sent to work with the French Resistance against the Nazi's. She is such a wonderful author and definitely worth checking out if you like that type of genre.

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Just finished "Ride a Pale Horse" by Helen MacInnes. This book is of the suspense/spy type and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Written very skillfully, Ms. MacInnes kept the characters crisp and the action heart-stopping with just enough "lull" to allow you to catch your breath every once in a while. It ended well with enough left up in the air for you to come to your own conclusions. Helen MacInnes is a new author for me, but judging from the list of her books in the front, she has been at it for a while. I will be adding her books to my must-read list.
—Ginger Weirich

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