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Decision At Delphi (1989)

Decision at Delphi (1989)

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About book Decision At Delphi (1989)

The book dates from 1960 and deals with the fall-out of WWII and the subsequent civil war in Greece. Kenneth Sprang is illustrating an article about Greek temples, and is looking forward to visiting Athens again for the first time since he spent a terrible winter there chasing the Nazis as a US soldier. The photographer for the article, Greek-born Steve Kladas, is supposed to fly out earlier and meet up with him in Europe. And so it begins. Why did Steve ask Ken to take care of one of his suitcases? Who is the poor little rich girl who wanted to warn Steve to stay away from Greece? How come Ken’s old friend from his Athens days pops up so conveniently in Italy ? Why is the pretty wife of the English attaché to the Athens embassy so chatty? Step by step Ken (and the reader) is drawn into a conspiracy that has to do with former Greek partisans, hard-line communists and a cynical nihilist. From a fancy ocean liner to a shepherd’s hut in the Peloponessus, from hotel bars where the expatriate community of Athens meet to a rustic tavern where ouzo is the drink of choice, Ken and his friends chase the ruthless man known as “Odysseus”. It all ends on a mountainside near the archeological site at Delphi..This is a big, hefty book, ideal for a long plane ride or a few dark winter nights! Especially for those who can't resist a "innocent-bystander-caught-in-a-conspiracy" narrative.

Fun period piece with an expected anti-Communist slant, but also with useful (and at least somewhat accurate) historical background about Greece during WWII and its ensuing civil war. Not much happened during the first hundred pages, and I kept mixing up the background stories of the characters. But events sped up after that. Wouldn't you know it, I had never heard of MacInnes before, even though she was just as talented as the boys: Fleming, le Carré, Deighton, and the like. I'd like to read a couple of her others, especially those with a female protagonist. Nice NYT article.Bought at the Strand: June, 2015

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This book made me realise I definitely enjoyed simple whodunits over complex, politics-based cloak-and-dagger plots! Decision at Delphi is a drawn-out, boring story set in 1950s Greece, where "nihilists" try to destroy their own country in their hunger to take control (of what? I still haven't figured out!), in the aftermath of World War II. It was just too long - only I know how I managed to survive the 448-page tome. At last, I'm free of it - I can now look forward to fast-paced thrillers and mysteries!

Again, a first-class international espionage novel set in the 1950's 0r 1960's, involving those who hide amongst the citizens (it could be any nation, but this setting is in Greece), with the sole aim of destroying what they hold in contempt, and being willing to do anything it takes, kill anyone who gets in their way, or with whom they have a disagreement with, even their own colleagues, when they no longer can get what they want and their usefulness has come to an end. Even tho' the setting is set in "ancient" history, to younger readers, the ideas presented and the patterns the "barbarians" use are as old as Time itself, and it's repeated over and over and over again, even in our own day.In my view, Helen MacInnes will always be in the top 5 authors of this genre, no matter how many years, decades, etc. pass away since she died. Even at the end of her career, she was up-to-date with the trends of the times in the methods used by "barbarians" who want to undermine, control and destroy for their own good-and the "heck" with what anyone else wants.

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