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Horizon (1985)

Horizon (1985)

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Re-read because it was mentioned in someone's review of Above Suspicion which I just re-read and I couldn't remember what this one was about.A British soldier who has been a POW is assigned as a liaison to resistance fighters in the South Tyrol at the end of WWII. He gets bored because not much happens during the winter months (too much snow for action) and because he isn't supposed to leave the house where he is staying. Eventually things start to happen, but I found this to be very slow. I also found the end to be unsatisfying. (view spoiler)[ He decides to go to the North Tyrol to build ties to the South Tyrol resistance. It didn't seem like an end. Did it work? Were they killed by the Germans before reaching their contacts? It showed the character's personal development because at the beginning of the book he wanted to get back to the fighting as a regular soldier and not to have an individual assignment, but it didn't work as a plot point to end on. (hide spoiler)]

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