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Return To You (2000)

Return to You (2000)

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Return To You (Laurel Heights #3) by Kate PerryC, blaze/inferno, no kink, contemp, 344 pagesIt's been eleven years since Michael left town to persue his dreams in Hollywood, leaving the love of his life, Olivia, behind.  Now he's come back to film a movie and has to face Olivia again.  Olivia's been nursing her broken heart for the eleven years Michael's been gone, but can she love someone who hurt her so badly before?I have enjoyed each of the Laurel Heights books that I've read and this one is no exception.  There is just so much inner turmoil and angst with Michael and Olivia.  I just wanted to lock them in a room together until they got everything sorted out...oh wait, that happened (only it was a shed instead of a room) and they still managed to not get anything sorted out.  Had this one been a little less angsty (I think that's a word), I would have enjoyed it more.  I did find the secondary romance between Olivia's father and his assistant sweet and tender.  If you like low conflict romances along the lines of Jill Shalvis's Lucky Harbor series, this is a series I would highly recommend. I've had this one read for awhile now, and finally had the time to write a review. First of all, Kate Perry never fails to deliver a steamy, fun contemporary. I read this out of order because for some reason I thought this was the first one... I need to pay better attention to series numbers, ha! It was great. I enjoyed the banter between the H/H and could feel the tension between them, which is always fun. It made for a really great read. What I liked the most about this book was how well written it is. I've been reading Kate's books since her career began and started with Project Date. Anyway, I liked the supporting character's POVs in this one, as well. Sometimes I tend to skim over these kinds of scenes if they're weakly written, which wasn't the case for this one. And if you like steam, you'll love the hot scenes in this one. Yowsa! I'm excited to read the rest of the series. Most of them area already loaded on my Kindle app, and I suggest you get them on yours, too!

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Unfortunately I read this without having read the previous books? Anyway what I did read was great.

Goddamn all these meddling Pollyanna dipshits to contemporary romance hell.

Very disappointing ending with no resolution of conflict.

Another fun book in the series.

Loved it:):):)

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