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Red Glove (2011)

Red Glove (2011)

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About book Red Glove (2011)

The continuation of The White Cat. I really like that we learn more about the side characters and they are interesting and complex. This delves deeper into the relationships between all the curse workers and their families. More lines are blurred between good an evil.Again, here is a story where the protagonist is doing shady things, and I just wanted to scream at him, but he is trapped in a life where everyone is complex and their loyalties are always shifting. This is not a fairy tale or lighthearted story. This is a good read for those who enjoy the complexities of human nature, and don't mind being emotionally wrenched by their literature. I normally don't expect sequels to be as good as the books that spawned them, but I always love to be disappointed in that regard. Holly Black takes poor Cassel and throws him into this web of intrigue, murder, politics, and mayhem. The problem is that the spiders are coming and Cassel's only hope is to convince them that he isn't a fly, but rather a new and cunning breed of spider.I really don't dare to say more than that because of spoilers, although I will say that I love how Holly deftly weaves in real world history and politics to give this curseworking world some much needed authenticity. Prohibition and the WWII American labor camps used as the backdrop to illustrate the organization and rise of the curseworker crime families? Brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

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Heyecanı seviyorum ama kurgusu basitti. :( Yine de sürükleyici bir seri.

A fun and fluffy audio-book. Very nicely narrated by Jesse Eisenberg.

not impressed the story never went anywhere

I loved this series. Great book

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