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Reckless Magic (2000)

Reckless Magic (2000)

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Firstly, Eden was clueless. That was the most irritating part of the book. The world today is filled with these kind of movies, books anime's etc. But no, Eden doesn't want to figure out what she is or why she is doing things which should totally unreal. Secondly, Kiran and Eden are in love but, Why? If it's attraction i get it but this insta love kind of sucks until and unless they have some good base to it and it wasn't at all like that here.Now, these are the reasons for it to gain 3 stars but the next books have an intriguing plot. I have been hesitating to buy the series but i think my bank account is going to get a debit message soon. If these issues are addressed in the next book and more quirks are added it would be such a bonus.The story revolve around, how the inter caste marriage isn't allowed between the four castes of the immortals leading it to losing their power and immortality. Eden, obviously, is a key here. There is a revolution going on in which the Monarchy has to overruled and for that reason Eden is needed in their group. Many more events follow and Eden plays dumb for so long, it really gets on my nerve.Well, if you are a fan of magic, give this book a chance, it's free on amazon. Well that was a huge disappointment. After reading the first two books in The Siren series by Rachel Higginson, I expected more. Much more. But this book was painful to read.1. The main character was dumb as hell, annoying as hell, reckless as hell, impulsive as hell, embarrassing as hell…I couldn't stand her.2. So not digging the insta-love. 3. The writing was mediocre at best. I can't explain why it seemed so bad, but it did and I hated it.4. The main character was REALLY stupid.5. The supporting characters were flat and annoying.6. There is nothing at all attractive about the love interest.I don't even care enough to go on.

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