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Hopeless Magic (2000)

Hopeless Magic (2000)

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When I started this book, I found myself wondering if the author only knew English as a second language. The shocking answer? No! Clearly someone got her hands on a thesaurus, though, because the first quarter of the book is so flowery and over the top, desperately trying to sell the reader on a romance that barely happened in book one. Suddenly, there is a love to end all loves! And DRAMA. Not in action. Just that word, over and over. This was rescued by the final quarter. Ms. Higginson excels at action and writing a strong, imperfect heroine. I have a feeling that her earlier missteps are due to her discomfort at making trite love scenes. Did someone ask her to "Twilight it up"? Because that's what it felt like. When she lets the story flow, it is vivid and riveting. More in that direction, please.I haven't decided if I'll finish the series or not. A lot of this book was agony to slog through. I didn't finish this book all the way. I am sure that it is good but I was just getting too irritated by Eden's inner dialogue and her extensive whiny character. I also hate the fact that she says she is in love with Kiran when really she hasn't not had a conversation longer than five minutes with him. There is absolutely no development there. I also see a huge love triangle coming and those always tear me up!I think Rachel Higginson is a wonderful author however and I am positive that many people would love this series. I am actually just going to skip to Avalon in #5 and then the one I really want to read is #6...."sigh" Jericho!

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