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Psychotrope (1998)

Psychotrope (1998)

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Very hard to wrote a book with only deckers. Smedman nearly made a 'tour de force' doing this book.Characters are really interesting story, better that the principal intrigue in fact! I would have like more background and to know the after how their life will go on.Shadowrun matrix is more a dream state that a real world like the Matrix movie trilogy. I hate dream in story so when you have most of the book like this... The combat are always the same, just the icons are changing but the pattern is not. Computer attack, decker use an utility and win. I didn't care of most action scene in the book. Another thing I didn't like in the story is Smedman used AI and made common people who can link directly in the matrix without hardware... big change in the Shadowrun world, but we didn't really see this have an impact in other Shadowrun book after so it didn't feel to belong in the serie.Not bad, but I don't recommend it unless you're a big Shadowrun fan.

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