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Night's Pawn (1993)

Night's Pawn (1993)

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0451452380 (ISBN13: 9780451452382)

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This is the first Shadowrun novel I read and I really enjoyed it.Some of the characters seem a little 2-dimensional, but the 2 main characters have an interesting father/daughter relationship.The story follows a retired runner who is dragged back into work from an old employer's daughter need of protection. The relationship is interesting due to the way the old hard runner views things and the girl does. There are several scenes of thick tension and Tom Dowd uses a more show don't tell approach with his writing which does help invoke the brutal imagery and emotions of the characters.The ending is slightly weak given the previous moments in the book, but it was a very fun read. And I recommend it if someone wants to become familiar with the Shadowrun lore.

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