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by Author Stephen Kenson


Night's Pawn (1993)

This is the first Shadowrun novel I read and I really enjoyed it.Some of the characters seem a little 2-dimensional, but the 2 main characters have an interesting father/daughter relationship.The story follows a retired runner who is dragged back into work from an old employer's daughter need of ...

Night's Pawn (1993) by Tom Dowd

Striper Assassin (1993)

The last of the Shadowrun books I bothered reading9 February 2012tI really can't remember this book though I know that I have read it because a friend of mine suggested that this was the best Shadowrun book ever written. I am not sure whether I thought it was that good, and considering my current...

Striper Assassin (1993) by Nyx Smith

Shadowrun 18: Worlds without End (1995)

I hate to give low rating to a book, I respect too much the of the author but this book was really not for me. At least I read it completely (reserve 1 start for book I don't have courage to finish).Spector writing isn't the problem, it's the plot and the world. It's not my first Shadowrun novel ...

Shadowrun 18: Worlds without End (1995) by Caroline Spector

Shadowboxer (1997)

I thought this book was pretty good...except I did not care for the ending. That being said, I don't think there was a real understanding of the Shadowrun universe. For example, while Orks and Trolls changed from human Elfs and Dwarves were born that way. One of the characters in the book is a Dw...

Shadowboxer (1997) by Nicholas Pollotta

Headhunters (1997)

Headhunters may be the best 25 cents I've ever spent on a book. It isn't deep, life-changing literature by any stretch of the imagination, but you'd be a fool to expect that out of a Shadowrun novel. That being said, I was really surprised at how actually how good it is. The plot is full of actio...

Headhunters (1997) by Mel Odom

House of the Sun (1995)

The late Nigel Findley completed his final chapter in this world in 1995, long before the first season of House, M.D.. Yet, Dirk Montgomery’s (Finley’s continuing protagonist) paranoia (of necessity in order to survive in the shadows of the Shadowrun universe) could well have inspired the very fi...

House of the Sun (1995) by Nigel Findley

Psychotrope (1998)

Very hard to wrote a book with only deckers. Smedman nearly made a 'tour de force' doing this book.Characters are really interesting story, better that the principal intrigue in fact! I would have like more background and to know the after how their life will go on.Shadowrun matrix is more a drea...

Psychotrope (1998) by Lisa Smedman