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Prodigy (2013)

Prodigy (2013)

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0399256768 (ISBN13: 9780399256769)
Putnam Juvenile

About book Prodigy (2013)

Most second books of trilogies are the same; most a build up for the last book. This was definitely that. While Legend had everything I loved about YA, this was like a daunting CW TV drama. I mean I love CW shows but gosh the amount of drama in this is a bit putting off. And while I admired all of the characters in Legend, this made me shake my head, roll my eyes, and even scoff at the unnecessary drama. Nevertheless, I will be reading the last book. Sigh. That was emotionally tiring to read. This is a great, adventure-packed book! It tells the story of two lovers who are drawn to each other but have quite a few other things to worry about, with a giant war raging all around them. Friendship is intwined in every way, as well as love. But this book is not only for those wanting a romance novel, but it is filled with action. There is amazing detail for each setting, character, and plot point. It is an easy read, but the plot is amazing. I highly recommend it!

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So fantastic. Marie Lu's writing is so vivid and June and Day are such multi-faceted leads!

É ótimo! Uma continuação digna de legend!

This book is much better than the first one.

I'm shipping Day and June forevahhhh ♥

That ending though.

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