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Champion (2013)

Champion (2013)

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0399256776 (ISBN13: 9780399256776)
Putnam Juvenile

About book Champion (2013)

If there's one thing I hated on this trilogy's ending novel, it's how it made my emotions go haywire. 20% of time, I shed a tear or two while following the lives of Day and June. The rest of the time was just an utter chaos of emotions. Ugh. Nevertheless, much as I hated how it manipulated my emotions, I loved (definitely, positively and really loved) the way it ended. It's the ending an avid reader deserved. WHAT A BOOK!!! WHAT A WONDERFUL BOOK!!!I give this baby 4.75 ... or 95%! The action was great, the character development was fantastic! The story was genius. I couldn't stop reading it. AHHHHH!!!! This book is perfect! Day and June ... these characters are so amazing. I wish I could know more about after that ending. I have tears in my eyes!!! Although the ending was frustrating for me.. Like I said, I want to know more. And I admit I was not 100% satisfied with it. It's like confusing because the ending is perfect, yes... but at the same time, I want to know moreeeee!!! What happen after that?? But what a love story!! What a trilogy!!! It's definetely my favorite trilogy ever so far.

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