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Berstende Sterne (2014)

Berstende Sterne (2014)

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3785574924 (ISBN13: 9783785574928)
Loewe Verlag

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Wow,Champion is absolutely BREATHTAKING. I LOVED the first two books, and I was definitely NOT disappointed by this one. It was written so well, full of action and suspense, woven with beautiful heartbreaking stories of love, and a continuous page-turner. I loved being able to read from specifically two characters' points of views, it definitely pulled you in perfectly. The action was incredible, really made me feel like I was holding my breath throughout the descriptive stunts.And the heartbreaking love stories, of not just a sweet romance, but also of Day's love for his family definitely put the right amount of emotion in throughout the novel. I absolutely loved the ending!!! It was perfect, and I can't imagine Champion ending in any other way.What an amazing trilogy!! There was a reason why I didn't update any progress. I felt that that by itself would've been a spoiler because I was really touched by this last book. It's everything I could ever hope for and more. Where Legend had me pumped and excited with the actions and mystery, and Prodigy pretty much toned down for me, Champion tugged on heartstring without deny. It wasn't just a hype. It really is a must read.

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Oh my god. I don't even know what I'm feeling right now. This book is amazing.

No words.... Best trilogy I've read so far. Best of the best!!!

I started reading this book at the airport on December 23.

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