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Pivot Point (2013)

Pivot Point (2013)

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About book Pivot Point (2013)

this book was amazing and the second book is even the better. The way this book was written was different, but made this book stand out. The characters are interesting and different. The romance and mystery are amazing characteristics for this book. the plot is thrilling and the end sets a perfect trail for a second book, which there is. Pivot Point is a very original exciting book that i enjoyed very much. *CONTAIN SPOILERS*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I enjoyed reading this! It's refreshing. Not a heavy read imo. I love Trevor but I'm not going to lie that duke didn't win my heart at all. Now he's in my douchebag list of people i want to punch for being a manipulative bastard. And i know there's another book but idk how to feel because there's Laila pov too. Nothing against her just that i wish the author stick to Addie. Plus, i don't think my heart can take another book where trev and addie have to get to know each other again. Is it bad that i wish she should have just taken the norm world and let laila be dead because i ship them that much that i don't want them to seperate. Ever. Yes creepy, whatevs. I know they'll get their HEA anyways but the journey is what dreading me

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Overall I enjoyed this book, It was definitely something new and interesting read.

Guess I'm weary of high school dramas.

Enjoyable series!


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