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On The Fence (2014)

On the Fence (2014)

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About book On The Fence (2014)

I am apparently binge reading teen romance fiction this week! I loved the premise of this book, meeting at the fence and falling in love with the boy next door. Charlie, or Charlotte, has grown up in household full of men. She is athletic, competitive, and rough around the edges. Her three brothers and their next door neighbor and fourth "brother" include Charlie in everything, but protect her more than she knows. As she grows up and faces the internal battle of balancing the athlete she has always been and the girl she is suddenly discovering, she also finds an unexpected deeper connection with the boy next door.This is a story of growth and revelations. At the beginning of the book I wasn't sure if I really liked Charlie. She was cold and immature. In the end, though, I see how it enhanced the progress and growth she made during the story. Charlie began to see a new side to herself and the confusion it brought had her reexamining everything around her.When we learned more about the story behind Charlie's mother's death, I actually had tears in my eyes. This was the part of the story that was best written, I think. The author did a fantastic job of conveying the meaningfulness behind the true story. This is one of the best YA contemporary romances I've read this year. Interesting lead character? We've got a jock with a backstory, a good heart, and personal growth. Check.Good supporting characters? Yup, a family of boys - each with interesting individual characteristics, an eccentric boss, some good-hearted girly-girls? Pretty decent, I'll count it.Add in a reasonable premise - a teenager with a lead foot getting two speeding tickets? That can totally happen. I really loved the romance. But more importantly, the writing never seemed forced or awkward. This was a light read that was a pleasure to pick up - so much so that I was disappointed when it was over. This book won't change the world, but for what it is, I think a lot of teens will like it. Plus, it seems that it's already circulating pretty well in my section.

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Adorable, cute, and romantic, what else can you ask for?

It was like watching a high grossing romantic movie.

Fun & fluffy read. Perfect for a lazy afternoon!

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amazing book

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