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Os Olhos Amarelos Dos Crocodilos (2010)

Os Olhos Amarelos dos Crocodilos (2010)

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About book Os Olhos Amarelos Dos Crocodilos (2010)

A reasonably well written, entertaining, novel of manners, based on characters in contemporary Paris.It is a light, easy to read, page turner, yet contains a wide range of characters who have mostly been adequately drawn, such that they have distinct and palpable personalities. Although the heroine does in fact end up with a handsome lover and wealth, this is a more broadly peopled and somewhat realist piece of fiction than traditional fantasist 'chick lit'. In fact there is a sub-plot featuring an aging businessman, who also ends up rewarded with a late in life miracle of his own.No, it is not a penetrating and thought provoking piece of work - or 'believable' - as other reviewers have complained. That isn't what it aims at. It's a diverting story, for when one wants something light. It's perfectly appropriate for a long plane ride, when you don't have the energy for something more demanding of one's attention.The author is a member of the milieu she describes, and presumably the lines - even if exaggerated - are drawn from life. I don't know if one could create the dialogue and inner thoughts of the various couples inhabiting this work, if they weren't somewhat representative of a social reality. There is a persistent theme that women have to 'hold on' to their husbands, by actively staying attractive, and being affectionate and attentive. Men of course also have traditional responsibilities, but the burden of keeping the love burning between the couple seems to fall more primarily on the women. There is also a regular depiction of both men and women having lapses of incidental infidelity. These are mostly treated as not necessarily serious and undermining stable couples, while occasionally being symptomatic of the end of those relationships.It is an interesting question how much this depiction is a French reality, rather than an accepted fiction, a kind of self image the French would like to have, even if not really accurate. Having lived for many years in France and having gotten to know various couples through work relationships, I can detect some verbal acceptance of these stereotypes, but the reality of their lives and actions don't appear to be in accord. I see many stable marriages among my French colleagues. On the other hand, the mixed marriages between French and Americans seem to have fared much worse, and the accounts of the American women seem to bear out the stereotype of the serial seducer, bored in marriage. Whether that's the fault of the French, or simply the result of the stresses of cross-cultural conflicts, I can't say.Regardless, this book brims with stereotypes of French romantic behavior. This is a fast, fun summer read. There are many characters whose lives are interwoven, but the story concentrates on two sisters and their children. One sister is rich, shallow, and attention-seeking. The other is quite the opposite; humble, modest, and not fixated on money. The two agree to write a book. The humble scholar will do the writing; the beautiful barbie doll will promote it. This is a recipe for disaster, but in the end the universe rights itself. The author is French, and it was not easy at first to understand the cultural divide. For instance, it seems in France that men taking mistresses is accepted, though not welcomed by wives. The wives seem shocked and outraged, yet it seems this is what everyone does. I had a hard time understanding that. Also, the author skipped quickly from one character's story line to another, making it seem very jumbled at first. That also took some adjustment. All in all, it was an enjoyable read. I am not sure I would recommend it to everyone, however. It is not one of those books that everyone reads and universally loves. Having said that, she wrote two sequels that have yet to be translated, but that contain the same characters. I would like to read those, to find out what happens to the families! To me, that is one of the hallmarks of a good book; that you care about the characters and are interested in their futures.

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Pretty good story, but I think the writing lost something in the translation.

Entertaining. A bit silly, but maybe that's how it was meant?

Fun quick read.

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