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One False Note (2008)

One False Note (2008)

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0545060427 (ISBN13: 9780545060424)

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The book One False Note has a lot of action,adventure,and mystery and I would recommend this book if you like what is listed.Dan and Amy continue on their journey for the next clue and they find themselves getting into trouble.when Amy and Dan get on the train they get caught by the holts one of their competitors and they steel the sheet of music that lead to the next clue but luckily Dan memorized how the music note was written and wrote it down on a piece paper.Dan and Amy figure out they are being tracked by someone by finding a tracking device.The holts played the music note and it was a trap after they played it. They found two samurai swords and Amy had a feeling they had to go to Japan to find the next clue.Do you think Amy and Dan will find the next clue in Japan? Part of the problem could be that book one in this series was checked out. I probably missed some important information. After I read book one, I'll have to come back and revisit this review.I felt the story was a bit jagged. Seemed like there was a lot of story packed into a few pages. Other authors who write for this same age can keep the action moving but with a little more padding to help the story flow.However, this said, the author did a great job in the last scene where everything seemed hopeless. I won't give any spoilers, but the main character's plight was power packed with emotions, setting, and doom in this scene. Kudos.

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We have been listening to these on our car rides. Our whole family loves them.

it was ok I kind of liked it


Good sequel

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