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O Presente Do Meu Grande Amor: Doze Histórias De Natal (2014)

O Presente do Meu Grande Amor: Doze Histórias de Natal (2014)

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8580576253 (ISBN13: 9788580576252)

About book O Presente Do Meu Grande Amor: Doze Histórias De Natal (2014)

Okay so i'll kind of review each one as i go along:•Midnights by Rainbow Rowell : I loved this story! I wish he made it into a book. Definitely 5 STARS!!! •The lady and the fox by Kelly LinkWell i um gave it a shot but got confused and disorientated so i gave up on the story. I'm unable to give a rating due to refusing to waste my time on something i'm struggling to follow (may be due to reading late at night, but who knows!!)•Angels in the snow by Matt de la PeñaI really enjoyed this short story too. It was different and i enjoyed the point of view from a guy which is very rare. 4/5 stars!!•Polaris is where you'll find me by Jenny HanIt's interesting, but has nothing gripping and to be fair was a waste of my time. 2/5•It's a yuletide miracle, Charlie Brown by Stephanie PerkinsWow this was so cute i loved it. 4/5 The jacket of this book states that if you like cheesy holiday lifetime movies or holiday specials of your favorite tv shows then you'd like this book. Sign me up cause I eat up cheesy holiday movies like candy cane. Among my favorites were Matt de la Pena's and Stephanie Perkins' (North is the cutest and can come help rearrange my furniture any time!) The stories ranged from quirky romances to paranormal so there is a little something for everyone (although I felt the paranormal stories felt a little rushed mainly because they aren't as straight forward as a contemporary and require more time to establish the premise). The only story I can think that I did not enjoy was Kelly Link's (The Lady and the Fox) mainly because I just didn't understand it so maybe I'll have to it reread because I did enjoy her writing style. Overall I definitely recommend this :)

Do You like book O Presente Do Meu Grande Amor: Doze Histórias De Natal (2014)?

The cover of this book is so adorable, its pink pages makes me want to own this book right now!!

Most stories were very well written, others: well, not so much. Highly enjoyable and interesting

Not every story was a hit but Myra McEntire ' s alone was worth the entire read.

Some were very cute. Some were meh. Individual ratings to come.

3.5* I loved some of these, others not so much

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