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Anna And The French Kiss (2010)

Anna and the French Kiss (2010)

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0525423273 (ISBN13: 9780525423270)
Dutton Juvenile

About book Anna And The French Kiss (2010)

Fresh and cute! Awkward boy-girl 'friend'ship, check, cute boys, check! Predictable ending but enough happened in between to make me want the predictable ending.What I didn't like very much was the whole misunderstanding-thing... If they'd just talked to each other a bit sooner! That was a bit frustrating. Of course those kinds of misunderstandings happen all the time in real life but I feel like it's getting a bit old in books. At the end they find out they could've been together way sooner, shame. But that was only a very small part!!I totally loved SOAP, I wish I went to such a school. And Paris, oh Paris!! Great background for the story. It really made this story stand out! Gave an all new dynamic. Parents sending their kids away, exploring a new city, learning a new language, trying to figure out how to manage without speaking a language... Also, Anna was a film critic (or was going to be), loved that! She was not just another senior schoolgirl but she had a dream and actively pursued it. All the film talk didn't hurt either!!So, great young adult love story, very cute, with some very unique elements!!! Due to the large amount of hype surrounding this book, I knew I had to check it out. I read this book back in the summer, meaning I was able to read this in one sitting. Although, I read Anna and the French Kiss in a short time span, I was defiantly surprised by how relatable I felt towards Anna. Anna and the French Kiss is a beautiful book about a girl, surprisingly named Anna, who is sent to France. She is set to attend a French but English speaking boarding school. From here, she meets the all-round gorgeous, Etienne St.Claire. Relationships arise and fall and Anna is forced to adapt to a new EVERYTHING. I think what I liked the most about this novel is that Anna is extremely relatable. Some may disagree, where as some may differ. I felt as though the emotions and actions that Anna had felt and done were, somewhat, similar to those that I'd carry out. The plot was nice and sugary and my cheeks began to hurt half way through due to my persistent smiling. If you ever need a pick me up book or a sweet, sugary novel, this is one to defiantly pick up.

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He terminado este libro con una enorme sonrisa y una felicidad exagerada...❤️

Amazing A love story that makes you feel that you're in the book

finished this book twice! best book i have read this year :)

definitely good, but still not Isla & Josh.

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