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Not Quite A Husband (2009)

Not Quite a Husband (2009)

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About book Not Quite A Husband (2009)

I fell in love right from the first chapter. Its the writing that captivates me. It flows beautifully and the way it describes the feeling of the characters are just feel right to me. I instantly in love with Leo. The plot also revealed in just a right way and the right time. I just love this book but i love Leo more, despite one not so forgivable mistake he ever made. The way Leo and Briony mend their relationship really gives a warm feeling to my heart. I just cant stop smiling after reading this book. This is my first Sherry Thomas' book and i will look forward to read another book by her, if thats as good as this feels 2.5 stars. I went with the lower rating in this case because I nearly didn't get past the first half of the story.Bryony was a very difficult character to like or sympathize with. Her unexplained cruelty in the first few chapters and flashbacks towards Leo colored the whole story in shades of grey. At least for me...The historical detail was brilliant and the descriptions very interesting. The writing superb...But I couldn't get past my dislike of the main female character even after the cause of her behavior was revealed.Lack of communication and ridiculous expectations defined that early relationship even while the technically at fault male lead did everything he could to placate his wife.I finished the book, just barely, because after they come clean and actually discuss the cause of their problems both characters bloom.

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Nope, too disgusted by storyline. Hero is totally repellent, and she's TSTL.


Leo Marsden.. sigh..full review TBA

So, so, so good.

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