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Murder, Mayhem And Mama (2000)

Murder, Mayhem And Mama (2000)

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About book Murder, Mayhem And Mama (2000)

I didn't really expect much of this book but I had enjoyed some Christie Craig books and decided to give it a try. Loved it. I expected a weak female lead but met a strong woman facing a tough and emotional situation. As a matter of fact both leads are not in their top form for the same reason. Each is dealing with the death of someone important, and not dealing very well, but then who does.Unbeknownst to our heroine, her most recent boyfriend has taken part in a jewelry heist that resulted in the death of the jeweler. In the middle of a fight during which she insist he get his own place he gives her what she believed to be a cheap bracelet. He storm out but comes back later demanding entry. When she reused, a bullet comes flying through the door. To no once surprise the police show up and insist that she find some place else to stay. It isn't until the next day that our hero connects her boyfriend to the robbery and realizes the level of her danger. Their mutual journey through grief and danger tie these to together more than they would choose, but as happens in romance novels, they can not resist the growing attraction. It is not the basic outline of the story that makes it special, it is the characters and their unique handling of each situation that takes it a step beyond. The story is romantic suspense with enough humor to balance the down side of the situation. I enjoyed watching their grow relationship, but felt that she over reacted to the dreams of her mother. I love dreaming about my mother and if I felt that she was sending me messages, I would grab on to them with all my heart rather than fearing for my sanity. I know if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. - Jeff FoxworthyMama takes the reader on a wild roller coast ride as she protects her daughter, Cali, from her deadbeat boyfriend. Adding to the chaos is hunky Brit looking to settle a score with the deadbeat in his radar. Naturally Cali and Brit cross paths, giving us laughs, suspense, and passion. Craig delivers her trademark mayhem in this ebook – destined to make any reader smile! Recommended read for those who enjoy lighter suspense and and sizzling passion.

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just okay - took a little while to get into it. A little unbelievable with the dead mother but....

quick read - part of a three book set - "Love, Laughter and a Little Murder"

Loved it! Funny with a bit of mystery and of course a hot dude!

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