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Marcelo Ve Skutečném Světě (2012)

Marcelo ve skutečném světě (2012)

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About book Marcelo Ve Skutečném Světě (2012)

CATEGORY: REQUIRED READINGThis book follows life of Marcelo, a young boy presumed to be slightly autistic, as he enters the world of law at his father's firm. He learns, as he works in the mailroom about life and love and appropriate behavior, and ultimately, is faced with a series of choices that will either help his relationship with his parents or help him come to know the world better. It was an interesting read. I liked that there wasn't an overwhelming focus on the race of the characters, but rather on the social constructs and the learning process that Marcelo goes through in order to come to know the world and his place in it. REQUIREDMarcelo has Aspergers, but not really Aspergers; he hears music. Marcelo works and goes to school at Patterson, a special school, but now his dad wants him to go to a real school and work in the real world. The deal is that if Marcelo can survive the real world of his dad's law office, then Marcelo does not have to go to public school. At work Marcelo meets Jasmine, who they kind of fall in love with each other because they understand each other, Wendell, a perverted douche who keeps talking to Marcelo about love and sex. While working Marcelo sees a picture of a girl and her face all cut up because of a broken windshield. His dad represents the company that makes the windshields. This launches Marcello into discovering what he believes in, what he loves, and what he can actually do in the real world.This book his good because it shows what a person with a disability can do. Also it kind of introduces real world/adult topics, so it would be a gentle/enlightening book for a YA to read about these real and harsh issues.

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Meh. I liked the voice of the main character, but holy cow the plot was lacking.

A sweet story with some deep thinking and helpful truths tossed in. A good read.

I loved this book. Good character development. Marcelo is accurate

Loved this book!!!!

good one

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