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Marcelo In The Real World (2009)

Marcelo in the Real World (2009)

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0545054745 (ISBN13: 9780545054744)
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REQUIRED: MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLDThis book tells the story of Marcelo, a 17-year-old, Latino-American boy with Aspergers Syndrome. He is high functioning, but evidence of AS is still apparent. His "special interest" is religion, and he constantly studies and references all different kinds. He also has what he calls "Internal Music", which is music that he can only hear in his head. For his whole life, Marcelo has gone to a private school with kids like himself, but for his senior year, is father wants him to attend a public school, Oak Ridge High. Marcelo is opposed to the idea, so his dad offers him a deal: if Marcelo agrees to work hard in his father's law firm's mail room for the summer, and does a good job living in the "real world", Marcelo can decide where he wants to go to school at the end of the summer. Marcelo eventually agrees. In the mail room, he becomes friends with his boss Jasmine, and eventually develops a romantic-ish relationship with her. However, being in the real world expose Marcelo to the good AND the bad that exists there. He loses his IM, is exposed to the selfishness and greed of humanity, and the suffering that exists all over. This is a great read. One of the reasons I liked it so much is because I have a brother-in-law who has AS. Though I know that this book doesn't speak for all of those people with AS, it was still interesting for me to get a perspective like this. I also loved the element of religion: it wasn't too pushy and it wasn't negative. I loved it. I would recommend this book to any YA reader or adult who wants to gain a better perspective on humanity, AS, or just life in general. Marcelo in the Real World, is a humbling book that makes the reader realize to be grateful for what she or he has. Marcelo, an autistic boy has to go through life not knowing what to do or who to follow. His Dad, always pushes him to be his best but to also go into the real world, hence the title, and find some road blocks and go around them. In the end Marcelo can find something great or horrible, either way he would have to be in the real world. This book has such great depth and thought revoking details however the book can be a little boring at times and the reader might not want to continue the book. Because there is no exciting parts of the book, that makes you want to finish the story in one day or less. But this book can be relatable to people who have autism and it could be a five star for them because a lot of people like books that are relatable.

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I read this book in digital format. As there are no images, nothing was lost in the translation.

the world should have more people like Marecelo.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Geweldiggoed boek.

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