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Marcelo En El Mundo Real (2009)

Marcelo en el mundo real (2009)

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This book was FANTASTIC--one of my new favorites. Marcelo's perspective gave me a completely new view of autism and what it is like to try to understand the rules of the "real world" in such a different mindset. I loved his view of right and wrong, his wrestles with faith and religion (wrestles that all of us have at one time or another, frankly) and his attempts to understand what love is (do any of us really have a good answer for that?) I delighted in hearing what he had to say and in seeing the world and people and things the way he did. I think we do with a little more thoughtfulness and appreciation and moral reckoning the way Marcelo does it. Watching his coming of age inspired me. The whole book was very well written, and the characters were believable and well developed. Definitely a worth-while read. REQUIRED TEXTMarcelo in the Real World tells a fascinating story through the eyes of the titular character. Marcelo is a teenager who sees and hears the world differently, as he finds himself somewhere on the autism spectrum (which the narration says is similar to Aspergers, but not quite equivalent). When Marcelo finishes his junior year of high school, his father decides he needs to come out of the protected environment of the special Paterson school and learn to cope with the "real world," which involves a summer job with his father's law firm. Marcelo is then faced with a plentitude of new challenges and situations. Francisco X. Stork created a fascinating character in Marcelo, someone who is so different but incredibly endearing. The narration showed me as a reader an entirely new world, as seen through the eyes of someone who has autism. The text tackles some big concepts, like the role of God in one's life as well as the rights and wrongs of the world. Marcelo is faced with a difficult choice that effects his Dad's entire firm, and it was one decision I don't think I could have made. Yet as Marcelo grows and develops through the story, I can see why he could. I loved this book. There is some language and sexual references, but I never found it "vulgar," as it was usually Marcelo's inquisitive mind dealing with these concepts. Because of this, it would probably be best for slightly older teen readers (and everyone above).

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great book, not as good as the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time though.

"Our effort is but a counterpoint in the music of His will."

September 16

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