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Love Left Behind (2012)

Love Left Behind (2012)

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I'm giving this 1 star for the first half of the book, which by the way, had potential to be something interesting if the sex between Jackson and Emma didn't drag on for pages. There were so many different directions and details this book could have gone into other than the crazy Jackson and all the sex... I honestly felt like it was a complete waste. Emma pissed me off more than any other character in a book could possibly piss a person off. How are you going to try and get back together with someone without getting the facts straight? Are there really stupid people like that in the world? I don't know why people are giving it 5 stars, because I was hesitant to even give it a full star. Sorry, I just need more from a book than sex. 4.5 stars. Emma is starting over with her life in NYC with a new job. She was previously engaged and almost married Sean, someone she had been dating for the past 10 years but it just wasn't the right match for her. What I really admired about Emma was how she carried herself, she wasn't overly confident and she owned up to her mistakes but also stood up for herself. She lost a lot of respect from friends and family in her hometown because of the engagement break-off so a new start elsewhere to set her life on the path of her own choosing was in order. Her roommate Claire introduces her to some new friends, including Jackson, who immediately takes an interest in Emma. He's working his way to becoming an actor, but in the meantime is a trainer at a gym. Emma isn't looking for a relationship but she might be okay with a fling so she agrees to hanging out with Jackson and they quickly become the kind of couple that spends a lot of time together and really do progress to boyfriend/girlfriend. Jackson is a really good guy, he's not a jerk and because the relationship forms so easily between he and Emma, he doesn't come off as having any flaws or particular characteristics (the character development is okay, but not strong), he simply loves Emma for who she is and wants her in his life forever. Well, 5 years pass because Emma and Jackson separate due to an issue in Emma's hometown that calls her back home and due to a terrible miscommunication. The heartache is still there for the both of them but this time, we see more of Jackson's personality, who is now a famous actor, but he has increased emotions to him and it's the second half of the book that I think Jackson shines through because of this. His weaknesses are now exposed as a result of the last 5 years without Emma and his exposure to fame. Emma is more confident than before, but also more guarded, especially when it comes to Jackson, and for good reason due to that miscommunication. Although I understood Emma throughout the whole book, I sympathized with Jackson because it was apparent that he never wavered on how he felt about Emma and he kept reaching out to her, even if he got a little bit alpha at times, but she was precious to him regardless and there had to be some part of Emma that knew he was genuine despite her distrust until she finds out the real truth. As for Claire, she was a suspicious character right from the very beginning and Emma should have trusted her gut instinct. What I enjoyed about this story was how much Jackson fiercely loved Emma, but it was frustrating that they almost lost each other completely after repeated encounters, due to that miscommunication from years ago if Emma would have just confronted Jackson about it sooner, but instead, the cause of the miscommunication is what brings the final showdown and that was somewhat serendipitous because Jackson and Emma can finally put the past behind them.

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Excellent standalone novel! Enjoyed the ups and downs that resulted in true love conquering all.



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