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Los Abisales (2014)

Los abisales (2014)

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I just finished reading Dark Life by Kat Falls. It is definitely my new favorite book. There was so much action and suspense in this book. One of the things I loved about it was the plot. The plot was really interesting to me because the global warming thing was pretty realistic to me. I also liked how they managed to move a lot of the people on Earth underwater and establish entire communities under the ocean. My favorite character is Gemma because I like her personality and how she acts tough for her brother. Gemma's problems really touched me because I have a brother and he is really nice to me just like Gemma's brother was. I think Dark Life by Kat Falls is an amazing book and that everyone should read it. Imagine if you lived underwater, thats where Ty lives in the book Dark Life by Kat Falls. If you like sci fi, action, and a little bit of romance then this is the book for you.Ty came across a girl named Gemma in an abandoned submarine. Gemma lived on the surface, and she was searching for her brother so he could sign a contract saying that he could be Gemmas guardian, instead of living in a facility. she asks for Ty’s help in searching for her brother, when they come acrossed a different conflict. Shade, a fearsome gang leader goes after Ty. In this moment of the book, Ty narrates about Shade “Shade, the leader of the seablit gang.” they struggle with their journey to search for answers and the truth.I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I gave this book that rating because the writing style was very clever with the first person point of view of Ty and how he creates things to the underwater creatures and life underwater. It was very thought out abou that pat, but something I was not to fond of was how predictable it was. Personally, I like those big shocking moments where you had no idea, but this book did not make me feel like that. If you liked this book I recommend some of her other books like Rip Tide, the second book in the Dark Life series, or Inhuman. c;

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good book. would of been even better without the sweat word though.

Really enjoyed this book. Very excited to read the sequel

It's A Good Book

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