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Das Leuchten (2011)

Das Leuchten (2011)

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About book Das Leuchten (2011)

Dark Life by Kat Falls is the first in a great series. The world is in ruins forcing pioneers to settle under the sea. Things have been going pretty well. At least until the outlaws came. Join Ty in his adventure to stop the outlaws reign of terror and help Gemma, a topsider, found her brother...before it's to late. I enjoyed this book because of the scientific and futuristic genius. The way the settlers live underwater blows my mind. What I didn't like was how fast paced it was. The action was awesome, but went by quickly. To sum it all up, I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed listening to the audiobook of this & found the setting, the bottom of the sea, to be refreshing & novel. I'm left wanting to know more about the dystopia of the top-siders or whatever it was the people who lived underwater called people who live on dry land. However, I like my fantasy to also be grounded in some science fundamentals. Kids growing up under extreme environmental circumstances do display unique adaptations to those environments that display SOME variations. However, the variation does not vary as dramatically & it does with these kids & are not all tantamount to superpowers. It would have been better to have portrayed developmental changes in degrees of difference & not completely extreme & completely different from each other.

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I find the concept refreshing for a YA dystopian story. Definitely worth reading.

I have read this book literally like 10 times(laugh)-Its amazing

Not a bad book. I was not excited to read it but I enjoyed it

I had to read this for school, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Good little book intended for younger teens.

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