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La Colonia Sommersa (2012)

La colonia sommersa (2012)

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8876251030 (ISBN13: 9788876251030)

About book La Colonia Sommersa (2012)

I was told this was a kind of wild west of the dystopian genre. And that's exactly how I'd describe it.I'll also take it a step further and say that those who enjoyed Harry Potter and the Ascendance Trilogy (ie the False Prince et al) would like this title. It had a little wonder, a lot of adventure, and just enough tug between what's REALLY good and what's REALLY bad to make you think..I can't wait to read Rip Tide! It's the future, and the world as we know it has fallen apart. Life topside is so bad that living underwater has become an option, and some brave pioneers have chosen to set up their lives there. They farm on the ocean floor, and raise fish that they they send topside. Ty and his family live below, and he loves his life under the sea. Everything was going swimmingly until the Seablite gang showed up and began terrorizing the settlers. The topside government charges the settlers with capturing the gang, and Ty wants to help. Meanwhile, he meets a very cute topsider named Gemma. She's an orphan, looking for her older brother, and she thinks he might be below. Ty and Gemma have to work together to solve the mystery of her missing brother, and save the colony from the evil gangsters.I want to think the intended audience will like this more than I did, although, I work in a middle school, and this book has never exactly flown off the shelf here. What I like about it is that it's an end of the world story, but it's got a hopeful premise. The description of the underwater living situation is pretty cool, and I think some kids would geek out over that. I just had a hard time totally buying into the world. I kept having questions that weren't explained, which annoys me as a reader. There was also alot of cutesy stuff, like the parents drinking "sea grape" wine, which made me roll my eyes a little. Not for me, but there is a a group of kids that will probably find just what they're looking for here.

Do You like book La Colonia Sommersa (2012)?

It was a great book in my opinion, the story was intriguing and the characters were realistic.

Excellent read. Loved learning about the culture and the setting as well as great characters.

Ugh why have I been avoiding this book? It's so good :D

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