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Lord's Fall (2012)

Lord's Fall (2012)

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0425251063 (ISBN13: 9780425251065)

About book Lord's Fall (2012)

It's been awhile since I started reading this series. I adored the first book, liked the second, and tolerated the third (if I remember correctly.) It was nice to bring this book back to Dragos and Pia. While normally I find myself liking books that are around the other characters, I wasn't as impressed with the books that had to do with the secondary characters from this series. I really do not know why that was. Is this a standalone book? Sure, it's a standalone book- if you want read a book and have no idea of the world. Now if you really want to understand the world, you should start at book one and continue on from there. Will I read the rest of the series? Yes, I will. I actually already have later books in the series. I just kind of got screwed up and didn't realize I hadn't read the previous books when I'd ordered the later books. Oops. So a few, I've had for several years now. Because obviously, I'm not rushing the series. It's quite nice to actually find myself being able to read and not wait a year between publishing!Would I recommend this series? Only to those who like paranormal romance. It's been a while since I read this book, but from what I remember, I thought it was okay mostly because Dragos and Pia are separated for a good portion of the book and I almost felt like they were different characters from the first book. I understand that they've changed and all, but it was still a little disappointing that they changed in some ways that I don't believe are so good. I don't really have much to say about the book except that, for the most part, it was good.

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I always like it when authors circle back to the first couple when they write these long series.

I really enjoy these books. Nice to see love matter.

3.5 ✭'s

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