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La Suite Apocalyptique (2000)

La Suite Apocalyptique (2000)

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About book La Suite Apocalyptique (2000)

My friend actually loaned me this book. The story sounded interesting, I mean seven children born mysteriously with unique super powers? Um, yes. As I was reading it the characters were cool, I liked The Rumor and Spaceboy the best. Spaceboy had something terrible happen to him so doctors had to give him the body of a gorilla. Pretty random but interesting. Overall, the story was a tad bit hard to follow but the book left me wanting to read more about the characters. It wasn't a bad book but it wasn't the greatest book either. It was kind of a so-so book if you get what I mean. You liked it but didn't like it at the same time. When I finished the last page I was like, that's it? Good thing my friend also lent me Volume two. Let's see where Volume Two leads too. umbrella academy is a dark series about 7 super humans, except .07 is not so super, she has always been the odd one out. but what happens when she is finally pushed too far? she joins the Orchestra Verdammten a group of madmen and murderesses bent on destroying the world. learning that not only she had powers, and apparently is the most dangerous of the seven and becomes the white violin. will the umbrella academy be able to save the world or destroy it? the series are great but a little gory i would not recomend this for someone under the age of 13 unless you want to have them being freaked out. also they wouldn't be able to enjoy the plot as much.

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Good illustrations. A little short for my taste and the storyline could've been better.

Nice art and I liked the characters and the slight absurdity to the plot. Fun read.

Loved it. The art is fantastic and the story is macabre and beautifully crafted.

It's really pretty good, but way too violent for me.

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