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La Guerra De La Duquesa (2014)

La guerra de la duquesa (2014)

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Courtney Milan

About book La Guerra De La Duquesa (2014)

After having recently read the Governess Affair (and loved it!) I was truly looking forward to a full sized novel by same author. I do have to say that this one left me slightly disappointed. It was extremely slow in between short blasts of activity which is what kept me going...but just barely. It seemed to read on forever and took me much longer than normal to read a book of comparable size. The highlight of the book were the final 30 or so pages. The book had a lovely ending - one of those that leaves your heart singing with glee. Love that, but was it worth going through the other 300-some pages to arrive at that? I'm undecided on that note. I'm not upset to have spent my time on it, but I may not have attempted it if I had read other reviews warning me of the blahness of the largest portion of it. Despite the underwhelming response I had to The Duchess War, I am not going to give up on the series quite yet. I'm still 1 for 1 and I happen to have at least 2 more of the series already downloaded to my kindle. Besides, who could resist the gorgeous cover art of each one of these books?? We'll see what the next book brings.... This is the story of Minerva Lane and Robert, Duke of Cleirmont. The backstory or reason for the historical wallpaper is a very different idea, something that I would never have thought of. The book like most of the wallflower series, holds its appeal because the heroines aren't the most beautiful. In fact Minerva has a scar on her face, but its the inner beauty, sharpness and wit that carries this book forward. I loved her spirit.

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Fun, fun read. I especially enjoyed the dialog between Sebastian and Violet.

Quite enjoyable, despite the lack of duchesses, wars, and warring duchesses.

Me esperaba más de esta historia.

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