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King Of Thorns (2012)

King of Thorns (2012)

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King of Thorns suffers from middle book disease.... After finishing Prince of Thorns, I was really excited about reading the next book in the series and I picked it up right away. Although, it is based on the same motif (and maybe because of it), I didn't like it as much.1. I don't like Jorg. He is not the best man to take the throne, he is cruel, thinks only about himself and screws the people that trust him and follow him. Orrin would be so much better as an emperor. This is dark fantasy though, so I wouldn't really mind if it weren't for Jorg's constant power upgrades. Jorg can't beat the awful necromancer? Le't give him necromancy. Jorg can't beat the huge army and Sageous? Let's give him fire power..... Seriously, Mark Lawrence, stop it....2. Character development: The book doesn't really have any. It's full of events and battles, but the characters stay the same and their personality doesn't really change. 3. Repetitions: There were many repetitions of thoughts and details through the book and it annoyed me after a while.4. Story: First of all, I didn't like the way the story unfolds. I would have preferred it if it wss linear. Secondly, the story of this book didn't catch my attention like the first one. I was bored easily and I had to struggle to finish it. I would really like to learn more things about the past and about the Hundred War. Hope the next book will be better... 1 - there is about 5 kind of books out there the third is the kind of book that you just want it to be finished not because it is bad but because it is good ...... but not good enough to linger 2 - i hate giving 5 stars especially twice in a row 3 - i hate the second book of any trilogy and yet it took 5 stars 4 - the only weakness is the (distance)..... you just fell this is very far fetched ..... to unreal ....not the fantasy part ( you know what i mean ) and if i can't see my self as the Protagonist why the feck (you see what i did there )am i reading epic fantasy for5 - the vikings is the land of ice and snow not ice and fire

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On holiday right now. Someone please remind me to update this review when I get back home.

Not as good as the first book, but I will read the sequel.

Чудесна фентъзи трилогия.

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