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Emperor Of Thorns (2013)

Emperor of Thorns (2013)

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0425256855 (ISBN13: 9780425256855)
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About book Emperor Of Thorns (2013)

What a book and what a trilogy! Jorg Ancrath is such a well thought out and complex character. Capable such atrocities, yet somehow you still find yourself routing for him in his quest to become emperor.Surrounded by a host of supporting characters who represent such diverse personalities which represent the different aspects of Jorg's own character, but to different extremes.The post apocalyptic world of the broken empire captures the imagination but also keeps you guessing. Subtle references to the modern world we live in today provide brilliantly thought out and entertaining tidbits throughout.Thoroughly enjoyed, and would definitely recommend the trilogy. Beneath the other Broken Empire novels for one reason - it gives Jorg something worse than himself. The series' appeal has been in getting you to root for the most evil, psychopathic person in the room. Now, Jorg is simply the second most evil, psychotic person in the room. I started to get worried in Book 2 when the Dead King turned up, and now, he has center stage. In the previous two books, everyone Jorg fought against was a better person than he was. And now?There is a fine line between a perfect Broken Empire book and a book about an unlikeable protagonist. That line was crossed when Lawrence turned Jorg into the hero, rather than villain, of his own story, so of course he has to save the world in the end. Both previous books were gripping without raising the stakes past the ceiling, but its a ceiling well travelled and brings nothing new to the series. And here I was thinking spectacle creep was confined to films and Call of Duty.This isn't to say Emperor of Thorns is bad. Just that it isn't as good as the previous books. Fully reccomended, just don't expect it to be as good as King of Thorns.

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This was a great ending to the story arc. Very interesting history.

A very well crafted series...

Sweet ending to the trilogy.


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