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Ik Wil Mijn Hoed Terug (2012)

Ik wil mijn hoed terug (2012)

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About book Ik Wil Mijn Hoed Terug (2012)

A cute story about a bear who is looking for his missing hat. He asks everyone he sees, and eventually realizes that he saw it on someone who said he hadn’t seen his hat! I think that this book teaches children the value of telling the truth, and not to steal. Because even though the one who had his hat lied to him, the bear still found out in the end who the thief was. So I think it’s a lesson not to steal, and not to lie, because they will always get caught.It is an adorable book, and the illustrations are really well done. I purchased this book for my nephew for Christmas off of recommendations on several lists. I had never heard of it before but I'm glad I took the chance and ordered it. The illustrations are charming, the storyline simple and cute, with different colours to illustrate who is speaking.I think my brother will enjoy this just as much as my nephew, it has that little touch of dry adult humour in it that stops you from getting tired of reading children's picture books constantly.

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Heh, heh. Great illustrations, simple story, though slightly disturbing...

Definitely a funny book! Also teaches kids to infer meaning.

(Polish) Popłakałem się ze śmiechu.

This is super cute and funny.

I must buy five copies.

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