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Ignite Me (2014)

Ignite Me (2014)

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I think it's slightly necessary to say (in defense of the people who actually enjoyed this book) that not every single book must have deep, realistic meaning. Sometimes, reading a flowery nonsensical romance is fun, and it really doesn't matter how unethical it is. It reminds me of the Selection series, which served no purpose for me other than an interesting 'bachelor' season, book style. It didn't have much purpose, but it was certainly entertaining. All I'm trying to say is, don't let your AP literature brain pick apart every single teen fiction you read, because not all of them were even written for the same reason as all of those required reading books. Some people just like to write/read to entertain/be entertained. There's nothing wrong with that. (Not that the people who don't like this book's opinion doesn't matter, it does, and I enjoy reading what they have to say, but I just thought I'd give my own input on the subject.) I freaking love this series. I love warner since the first book and seeing this sweet side of him really made me love this book. I love how finally juliette realizes she can't be afraid of who she is anymore. She finally becomes the badass character I knew she was. Kenji was amazing and funny. I loved how he was always there for juliette. I still hate adam and all of those things he said to juliette was horrible and finally juliette realizes she isn't in love with him. I love this series. I am so glad I found these books.

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HOLY CRAP. There are absolutely no words for this book besides MASTERPIECE

Brilliant, loved it. Did not want this one to end.

The best book from the series!



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