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How To Survive Summer Camp (2007)

How to Survive Summer Camp (2007)

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0192727044 (ISBN13: 9780192727046)
oxford university press, usa

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This was just another children's book read. Juliette seemed quite set on having me read Jacqueline Wilson books for the way she writes about girls. I must say I like it. I'm glad someone's putting the record out there the way it actually goes--parents get divorced, kids get bullied, summer camp can be a drag with snooty girls... Juliette's sister brought "How to Survive Summer Camp" and "The Suitcase Kid" from Juliette's house, but apparently neither book was the one J ACTUALLY wanted me to read. So I'm sure I'll have another one thrown my way soon.I enjoyed this book. I've been to four summer camps in my life. I definitely know how this goes. If only I had had the spine of Stella! I had the long blonde hair, but if anything it was so long I got teased; the times apparently had changed since the days of long-haired popularity, given short hair was by then "in." I love the way the character grew from an angry child's point of view with the adults--hairy, strangely-dressed reptilian monsters--to a feeling of general humanity and even humour with the one less liked.It made me smile that even in the end the character stuck to her guns about the whole camp feel. No, she reports to her new stepfather, she did not ENJOY summer camp, she SURVIVED.And sometimes, that's all it takes to have a pretty good time (admitting that truth or not).

A young girl Stella is feeling abandoned after her mum and step-dad dump her at a summer camp whilst they go off on honeymoon without her. She is angry, stubborn and will not enjoy herself. She struggles through a whole summer (even with boys hair- a tragic accident at the hairdressers) with horrible camp leaders who force her to do lots of camping activities she doesn’t want to do like swimming. Along the way she realises that camp isn’t that bad as she makes some new friends.I really enjoyed the book, its perfect for young girls trying to fit into a new situation perhaps a new family or school. Jacqueline Wilson has done a good job of writing from the perspective of a angry young girl who feels everyone is against her and won’t understand. I really like the way she has gone into detail about things that most young girls would find important i.e. long princess hair, new felt tips, art, fashion and writing a magazine. I think this book would be ideal for girls in Key Stage 2 for either guided reading or independent reading.

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I have always been ahead in my reading and when I was in reception my teacher recommended that I read a Jacqueline Wilson book as they were suited to young girls, so she took me to the library and showed me the books, and Mrs Collins suggested this one as a first read as it was quite short.I'll be honest, it wasn't brilliant, but it was alright. I remembered liking the characters and being horrified at the thought of a hairdresser cutting someones beautifully long hair to only an inch long was monstrous in my little eyes. I found it sweet that the girls had midnight snacks at the camp and thought caring for a fox was very cute.I was annoyed, however, about her parents abandoning her at this camp so they could go on holiday without checking whether or not this place was suitable. Plus the instructors shouldn't have forced her to swim, especially when they can quite clearly see that she is afraid of the water and cannot swim.

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