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Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson
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Books by Jacqueline Wilson


Hetty Feather (2009)

This was a really good children's book. I really enjoyed it, and I think that even though it had many historical facts and references it would still be a good book for 10-12 year old girls, because it is gripping and relatable. I loved this book, and I loved reading about the adventures of Hetty ...

Hetty Feather (2009) by Jacqueline Wilson

Lily Alone (2011)

So I finished this book yesterday. I liked it. It was good.Lily is 11. When her mum goes off on holiday with a guy she met two days earlier, she is left to look after her 6-year-old twin siblings Baxter and Bliss, and 3 y/o sister Pixie. After her favourite teacher is left suspicious of her mum's...

Lily Alone (2011) by Jacqueline Wilson

Une nouvelle vie pour Millie Plume (2013)

i decided to read Sapphire Battersea because it belonged to a series of novels and i had already read Hetty Feather.the catergory Sapphire Battersea is under "a book that teaches you about another time and history. I put this under this category because the book was set in the early 1900's and it...

Une nouvelle vie pour Millie Plume (2013) by Jacqueline Wilson

Little Darlings (2010)

I thought this book was amazing and I think everyone in this world should read it. It is about two girls and about how they met and how they keep a relationship going and quite a big and shocking secret is revealed. At first, I didn't think this book was a good book for me and I really didn't wa...

Little Darlings (2010) by Jacqueline Wilson

Les malheurs de Millie Plume (2009)

Dans ce premier tome des Malheurs de Millie Plume, Jacqueline Wilson donne vie à une héroïne flamboyante, drôle et enjouée qui n'est pas sans rappeler une certaine Fifi Brindacier dont j'ai lu, plus jeune, les aventures extraordinaires ! Même crinière rousse, mêmes bêtises, j'ai retrouvé, attendr...

Les malheurs de Millie Plume (2009) by Jacqueline Wilson

Emerald Star (2012)

I thought this book was amazing. I didn't expect it to have the ending it had. When I finished the book, I wanted to start reading it all over again. Hetty does find her father and comes across the fact that he has a wife called Katherine and 2 children. Katherine does not like the fact that Hett...

Emerald Star (2012) by Jacqueline Wilson

Salainen siskoni (2013)

I really enjoy this book as it it is yet another of JC family issues. It is about a girl called Destiny William and her very weak mum- who just happen to be related to the famous rockstar Danny Kilman; who lives with mature 6 year old Sweetie, shy 10 year old Sunset ( who throughout the story d...

Salainen siskoni (2013) by Jacqueline Wilson

Millie Plume choisit son destin (2014)

I'm reviewing the books in this series on my blog, recommending them especially for young readers who read beyond age peers, loving an adventure story about young girls, with good parts about families and relationships included. Listening to one's dreams is a consistent theme along with never set...

Millie Plume choisit son destin (2014) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Worst Thing About My Sister (2012)

This book is about these sisters Marty (the younger one) and Melissa (the older one) who are basically the complete opposite. Their mom is a dress maker and a school secretary. Their dad is a travel agent who is losing most of his income because of the rise in online booking. Their family is losi...

The Worst Thing About My Sister (2012) by Jacqueline Wilson

To nejhorší na mé sestře (2012)

*WARNING- may contain SPOLIERS*I generally like this book. It was humorous, detailed, and very good. I liked the characters, especially Dad, Mum and Miss Suzanne. Even though Melissa was introduced a lot in this book, I think that Jacquline should have added more character to her. Maybe talk more...

To nejhorší na mé sestře (2012) by Jacqueline Wilson

Mana šausmīgā māsa (2012)

What is it about:The Worst Thing About My Sister is about two sisters who seemingly despise each other. Their names are Melissa (the older one) and Marty (the younger one) and they couldn't be more different. Marty is the tomboy who loves her Converse boots, helping her dad with putting up shelve...

Mana šausmīgā māsa (2012) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Longest Whale Song (2010)

Oy vey, the feels! The poor heroine just can't catch a break. I'm sure it's meant to be a very realistic story, but poor Ella gets the worst of everything a child could go through: when her mom falls into a coma after giving birth, Ella is forced to start getting along with her stepdad; at sch...

The Longest Whale Song (2010) by Jacqueline Wilson

Queenie (2013)

Queenie is a story, set in the 1950s, about a girl and her Nan. When the two find out they have tuberculosis, they are put in two different hospitals, separated until they heal. With the Queen’s coronation coming up, there is no chance that these two characters are going to be able to get better ...

Queenie (2013) by Jacqueline Wilson

Four Children and It (2012)

This book is good, not the best of Jacqueline's books, but still very good.I think the reason why I was not enjoy this book as much as I expected because it was based on a story I've never read before.(although this book still made sense without the original one.)I'm not a big fan of classic, but...

Four Children and It (2012) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Lottie Project (2006)

Sebenernya bukan pengen baca yang ini, tapi yang Lola Rose. Tapi ternyata Lolanya ga ada, jadinya baca ini deh.Buku Jacqueline kali ini bikin aku sanggup begadang... lagi! *nguaap*Ceritanya tentang gadis kecil bernama Charlotte, tapi dia lebih suka dipanggil Charlie. Karena menurut dia Charlotte ...

The Lottie Project (2006) by Jacqueline Wilson

Vicky Angel (2007)

Vicky dan Jade bertetangga. Sejak kelas satu SD, keduanya satu sekolah dan bersahabat meskipun memiliki sifat yang berbeda. Vicky pengatur dan banyak maunya, sedangkan Jade pemalu dan pengekor. Jade sering mengikuti kemauan Vicky, bahkan mengerjakan PRnya! Suatu hari sepulang dari sekolah. Keduan...

Vicky Angel (2007) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Dare Game (2006)

I decided to re-read this book recently because I have been adoring my old Jacqueline Wilson collection and having an adventure with my blasts from the past. Tracy Beaker is probably the most famous character that Jacqueline Wilson has created. This being the second book of her adventures, its a ...

The Dare Game (2006) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Diamond Girls (2005)

The Diamond Girls is a novel by Jacqueline Wilson. Wilson has written many other children and tween novels. I haven’t read any of her other works, but I saw some of the series Girls in Love when I was younger. That was an adaption of the book of the same title by Wilson. The book is written in fi...

The Diamond Girls (2005) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Suitcase Kid (2006)

The Suitcase Kid is a story about a girl named Andy, aged 11; her parents are separating but both Mum and Dad want Andy to live with them when all Andy wants is to live back in mulberry cottage with the whole family including Radish, Andy’s toy Sylvanian rabbit. Andy decides to live one week in h...

The Suitcase Kid (2006) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Bed and Breakfast Star (2006)

A book that I've read over and over again as a child, and now re-reading it as an adult! One of my all time favourite authors, whilst growing up, who has the gift of reaching out to millions of children! Jacqueline Wilson is able to conjure stories which every type of young person is able to rela...

The Bed and Breakfast Star (2006) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Cat Mummy (2002)

The Cat Mummy is a story which focuses on the main character Verity who has sadly lost her mother at a young age. She lives with her grandmother, grandfather and her father and her cat Mabel who is very old. Verity's mother died when she was a baby and although she is desperate to find out more a...

The Cat Mummy (2002) by Jacqueline Wilson

Candyfloss (2007)

Saya selalu berpendapat, bahwa setiap anak kecil itu pasti lucu dan menyenangkan. Kalau ada seorang anak kecil yang tingkah lakunya menyebalkan, menjengkelkan, dan bikin saya pengen mentung dia, maka sudah pasti kalau orang tuanya jauh jauh jauh lebih menyebalkan.Misalnya saja seperti kejadian ya...

Candyfloss (2007) by Jacqueline Wilson

Lizzie Zipmouth (2000)

Pernah ngambek saat masih kecil? Atau malah menghadapi anak yang ngambek? Ngambek adalah salah satu bentuk protes yang dilancarkan seorang anak [bahkan orang dewasa] karena keinginannya tidak terpenuhi, atau situasi tidak seperti yang diharapkannya. Protes ngambek itupun dilakukan Lizzie ketika I...

Lizzie Zipmouth (2000) by Jacqueline Wilson

Jacky Daydream (2007)

The true Jacqueline Wilson story. I Have only read one of her other books, but I think I can still say that this book is very true to her fictional style. JW really can write for children. She knows what they want and need and how to present it. Easy and entertraining. 100% child friendly. Even t...

Jacky Daydream (2007) by Jacqueline Wilson

Lola Rose (2015)

Pikiran pertama saya setelah membaca buku ini adalah buku ini bukan buku anak-anak. Isinya sedikit…errr…kurang sopan untuk anak-anak. Mungkin buku ini cocok buat remaja yang tua-an dikit *halah*.Kali ini tokoh utama kita, Lola Rose, mempunyai Mum yang sangat cantik, mantan foto model dan punya Da...

Lola Rose (2015) by Jacqueline Wilson

Girls Out Late (2015)

I've read a few of Jacqueline Wilson's books by now, and I do recall quite liking Double Act and not disliking whatever the other one I read was - though nothing too special, she can write a very natural, realistic voice for a young girl. This book, however... wow no. See, to ME, it just wasn't t...

Girls Out Late (2015) by Jacqueline Wilson

Take a Good Look (2001)

Jacqueline Wilson produces a story, slightly different to her older novels. The story focuses on a girl who is partially sighted, yet she wants to be treated the same as other children and be able to make her own decisions, without her disability stopping her. She travels to the corner shop alone...

Take a Good Look (2001) by Jacqueline Wilson

The Illustrated Mum (2000)

....I had a week before me, during which I was planning and packing for a very big trip, two thick books lined up in the queue (which would be the wooden box between my front door and the couch), and Dustbin Baby already read. I was not that impressed, and took a stroll through the giant spreadsh...

The Illustrated Mum (2000) by Jacqueline Wilson

Girls Under Pressure (2003)

I have chosen this book to review as it is one that particularly stands out in my mind going back to my earlier years of finishing primary school and entering second level. This writing is based around a young girl who begins, in the shadow of her “skinny beautiful model” friends, to self depreca...

Girls Under Pressure (2003) by Jacqueline Wilson

Dustbin Baby (2002)

....I had a week before me, during which I was planning and packing for a very big trip, two thick books lined up in the queue (which would be the wooden box between my front door and the couch), and Dustbin Baby already read. I was not that impressed, and took a stroll through the giant spreadsh...

Dustbin Baby (2002) by Jacqueline Wilson

How to Survive Summer Camp (2007)

This was just another children's book read. Juliette seemed quite set on having me read Jacqueline Wilson books for the way she writes about girls. I must say I like it. I'm glad someone's putting the record out there the way it actually goes--parents get divorced, kids get bullied, summer cam...

How to Survive Summer Camp (2007) by Jacqueline Wilson

Buried Alive! (Adventure, #2) (1999)

I decided to re-read this book recently, and although I liked this book better then the previous instalment in Tim's life, I still found myself eager to finish it because there are more things I would rather have read. Although, I loved Jacqueline Wilson growing up and this book is another fine s...

Buried Alive! (Adventure, #2) (1999) by Jacqueline Wilson

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