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Girls Under Pressure (2003)

Girls Under Pressure (2003)

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About book Girls Under Pressure (2003)

I have chosen this book to review as it is one that particularly stands out in my mind going back to my earlier years of finishing primary school and entering second level. This writing is based around a young girl who begins, in the shadow of her “skinny beautiful model” friends, to self deprecate and struggle with weight and appearance issues. It is a book that portrays some very serious issues around self esteem, and zones in on the dynamics of the pressures of being a teenager in the 21st century, giving a very real depiction of the thought processes of a young girl suffering from an eating disorder. It is innocently written yet is unusually entertaining in how the story is illustrated. As an adult reading this again, I realise the passiveness we can portray to child and teenage hang ups, seeing these issues as “phases” or sometimes simply plots for attention. Yet overall, if not addressed in a viable way, this kind of self evaluation can have massive impact on the ability and stability of that child to grow in a healthy and fulfilled way. I have chosen this specifically as, even though I am working towards becoming a primary teacher, these issues are something that are coming more and more to the forefront in recent years, and more attention is being given to such matters as weight and appearance for children younger and younger all the time. It’s something I am reflective on as an aspiring primary teacher to have esteem building and awareness of the things we say and do and the example we give to children at such an impressionable age, central to my teaching at all times, regardless of subject or student; a little nudge towards prevention rather than cure.

Actual Rate : 3.5 of 5Books “TEKANAN BATIN”Judul Asli : GIRLS UNDER PRESSURE[ book 2 of Girls Series ]Copyright © Jacqueline Wilson, 1998Penerbit AtriaAlih Bahasa : Ferry HalimEditor : Indah NurchaidahIlustrator : Ony MargaLay-out : Aniza PujiatiCetakan I : September 2009 ; 276 hlm ; ISBN 978-979-1411-37-0Rate : 3.5 of 5Back again with Ellie, Nadine and Magda. Setelah berhasil melampaui kasus masalah ‘cowok’ kini Nadine tidak terlalu menyukai topik berpacaran setelah kasusnya dengan Liam – cowok brengsek yang hanya bertujuan memperalat dirinya. Sedangkan Magda justru semakin getol berusaha menarik perhatian cowok-cowok keren, dan hampir setiap minggu memiliki ‘pacar’ baru. Dan Ellie, well setelah kejadian unik kala Dan tiba-tiba muncul di kota dan menyusup dalam pesta temannya, pemuda ini mulai jarang menyurati Ellie atau menelepon. Namun Ellie tidak terlalu memikirkan hal itu, hingga suatu hari, saat mereka bertiga sedang berbelanja Hadiah Natal, sebuah audisi menjadi calon model remaja yang diselenggarakan oleh majalah remaja ternama, merubah segalanya. Magda yang modis dan menarik, tidak terpilih, alih-alih justru Nadine dengan dandanan serba kelam ala vampire gothic, dipanggil kembali untuk seleksi lebih lanjut. Dan Ellie ... yang ketakutan saat melihat teman-temannya mengikuti audisi, mulai menyadari satu hal yang mengerikan akibat ucapan para peserta audisi lainnya : ia sangat jelek dan gemuk !! more about this book, just check at here :( http://little-alice-garden.blogspot.c... )

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Girls Under Pressure should honestly be read by each and every girl living in this world. IT IS SO EDUCATIONAL (Girl-wise)!!!Let's get to the fun part then.The thing with this book is the way is has been written, by the point of view of our main character Ellie, who is one of the funniest characters I have had the joy to "read". She is your normal teenage girl struggling through her weight problem and looks. The way in which Ellie describes herself and her "adventures" is so cute, and I am sure she can relate to all us girls out there! This is a great book that will make you feel full of life by the end of it. From the Girls Under series, this is honestly my top favorite one.

‘Girls Under Pressure’ is about three teenage girls who want to change their appearances. The story is told from the viewpoint of chubby thirteen-year-old girl Eleanor “Ellie” Allard who endlessly obsesses about her weight. Ellie’s two best friends Magda and Nadine have their own obsessions about their appearances. Magda worries that her appearance is giving boys the wrong idea about her and Nadine wants to look like a model. When Ellie, Magda and Nadine are out shopping they end up queuing up for a modelling competition. Magda and Nadine are excited by this and both have their photos taken. Ellie is horrified at the thought of being photographed, so when it is her turn she panics and runs to hide in the toilets. This drives Ellie to start a diet which sometimes involves her making herself sick.Ellie forces herself to stop dieting when she visits Zoe, who she knows from doing an art project together. Zoe is severely anorexic and is hospitalised after collapsing and nearly dying of heart failure. Ellie comes to her senses and does not want to end up like Zoe. I liked this book as it shows some of the issues that many teenage girls have experienced and this makes it very easy to relate to how the main character Ellie feels about herself. Although I did enjoy reading this book, I did sometimes feel that Ellie’s obsessions about her being fat became a little boring at times. This book would be suitable for independent reading or to inspire a creative writing task for a year 6 class. At this age some students will be able to understand how the characters feel and what they are going through.
—Sheryl Jeremiah

Normally, I turn a blind eye to whatever Jacqueline Wilson writes but as soon as I picked the book up, I couldn't put it down! The story got to me simply because (on a personal level) I relate to the main character, Ellie. Before I read this book, I wasn't able to describe my feelings and distinguish what they were yet after I understood a little more.This book would be great for those who don't really understand eating disorders since it brings you through the sufferer's thoughts after they eat and how it affects their families. It's a sort of generalised case but it's great for young teens to prevent them from being exposed to the romanticized version of anorexia and bulimia that you see on tumblr, or on the runway. It's empathetic to people who have already been through that yet at the near end of the book it talks about Ellie's recovery and that's what I love about it. She goes from a nervous, calorie counting wreck to a bold, confident woman :)

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